A brief beauty


Last week it snowed. And again this morning. It was sudden, brief and if you dared to close your eyes it would’ve been over before you could’ve had a chance to open them again. But despite the briefness of the happening it still happened. It was there and for us who had the chance to witness the marvellous dance of small groups of H2O-molecules it was such beauty. It was a privilege. Slowly, gently the flakes made their way to the cold, hard ground to be smashed into the cooperate which we call snow. It’s one of the reasons I love snow. Alone, the snowflakes make their individual way down to the cooperative. But even within the mishmash they are still alone, individuals. Because neither one is the other one alike. They’re all unique. Kinda like people. But not quite. We’re not nearly one hundred percent H2O.

IMG_0817 kopia



Comfort zones and taking chances.


I’d like to think I’m an adventurous person – and in some ways I might be – but usually I’m not that into risk-taking or adventuring. I wish I took more chances and actually did stuff, challenging stuff. Don’t get me wrong, as a Taurus I of course enjoy the safe choice, what I already know. At the same time, I am very curious but that’s mostly more a hypothetical kind of curiousness than a practical kind. But sometimes I can just wish that I actually went even more outside of my comfort zone.

I have gotten better at this, though. A few days ago, my sister told me about a new, upcoming band she liked and she said that they were going to have a release party/small gig in a city quite close to where we live. We didn’t know a lot about the event; not a lot about the band, not the exact location, how to get there, who were going to attend the event, not even if we actually wanted to go… Okay, it sounds like we’re complete idiots, I guess, but we actually looked these things up and so on. Don’t think we’re that stupid, haha.

After finding out where it was going to take place and things like that, we started to really think about it… Was it worth it? Even though the event was free, it was going to take quite a bit of time and money getting there (the train journey ended up being almost free because of boring stuff such as coupons,points and offers, but you get what I mean). Maybe it wasn’t even going to be that fun or good?

We ended up going, eventually, and I am so happy we did. It was the best gig or something of similar character I’ve ever been to, and even though I haven’t been to that many gigs I am sure I’ll remember this for quite a while. It was so cozy and personal!

Lucky we took the chance and actually did it, huh? 😉 I hope I’ll learn from this and more often dare to take that leap outside of my comfort zone.

~ J



I like traveling. No, I don’t like traveling, I adore it, love it. It’s my favourite. And it’s basically the only thing I think and dream about at the moment. About just going, leaving my safe home and just explore. Every week, day and maybe even hour I have somewhere new I want to go. And with both family and friends with the love for traveling, too… Well, let’s just say it doesn’t really help my travel-obsessed mind.

I love exploring new places, discovering just how they function. Also the people, hearing their stories and observing their every-day-life. Even though it’s rare that I chat with the locals, I wish I did, and just watching is good enough (I might sound a little creepy, but you know what I mean… I hope.). It’s something special about just going in to a supermarket, shopping for food in a foreign location. And finding your own favourite spots to stop and observe. Or discovering that perfect place to grab some food or a cute shop to get a hot chocolate.

This could be why I also love maps. It gives me an overview of what I have to work with, all the places I could possibly go (at least since space isn’t really an option for me… yet). There’s just a kind of universal beauty about all the colours, lines and dots, lining up and creating our planet.

There’s so much about traveling that I like, that I’m starting to think it’s what I want to do for the rest of my life… Does one really need somewhere to really call home? Can’t I just live out of a suitcase and make my home address “Anywhere On The Blue Marble, Planet Earth, Milkyway Galaxy, The Universe”? I think I would love that.

And maybe it’s not about wanting to escape reality, but to find reality. A reality that is more of my kind of reality. And finding my kind of home.


~ J

Current state of mind


This is the only word on my mind right now. Paradox. We don’t call it the escape column for nothing. At the moment I should be studying for a really important test but I can’t. It seems impossible at the moment. So instead of doing what I should be doing I’m doing everything else. Even studying another subject feels better than to study what I need. IMG_6385.jpg
I find it rather amazing how my mind is tricking itself. It’s like I’m swimming against the current but my brain is telling my conscious that I’m swimming down the stream. Or is it the other way around? Upstream or downstream. Does it really matter? And if it does, all I have achieved is a false metaphor and a few precious minutes escaping into a world of escapism. And a world without the horrible subject physics.


The holy trinity of escapism


So this is us. Three escapists, escaping a game which we so often like to call life. It’s rather fascinating really. We humans can be so obsessed with the idea of living our lives to the fullest and at the same time so desperate to escape from it. What a brilliant paradox.

By now it should be known that we escape columnists are a trinity. Three people which in many ways may seem one and the same but alas is somewhat different. If not a lot. Not only our zodiac signs but numerous of other little things that make a someone, a person. So, perhaps a little introduction is in order.

In true pisces spirit K is likely to write a lot of philosophical posts, so be sure to check out words a lot. K is the oldest of the escape columnists but has a tendency to slip into the shoes of a little sister. Maybe this is a result of her unwillingness to actually grow up. Watching a film with K can be like riding an emotional roller coaster since being a pisces makes her a very emotional person. Though her feelings tries to slow her down K has no idea how to really hit the breaks. Away we go… 

Tauruses are supposedly quite stubborn and strong-willed, but J firmly states that’s not at all the case. Although, J also has other qualities of a Taurus, such as being down-to-earth and kind. She is also a creative and an imaginative person, and one can wonder how that alines with being down-to-earth… Oh well, some say that being a Taurus is a contradiction in itself. Calm, but stressed; introvert but social. Even though she loves planning, she is terrible at following her plans through. She sometimes struggle a little with expressing her thoughts and feelings.

Being a cancer apparently makes M moody but also a loyal friend. M is the Christmas fanatic which is why she is listening to Christmas songs while writing this. She is also the one who is most likely to spell words in the wrong way and use improper grammar. The last thing you need to know about M is that she is a ginger so be aware if you have gingerphobia. If you were ever to meet M she will probably steal your soul so that she can add some more freckles to the constellation on her face.