The holy trinity of escapism


So this is us. Three escapists, escaping a game which we so often like to call life. It’s rather fascinating really. We humans can be so obsessed with the idea of living our lives to the fullest and at the same time so desperate to escape from it. What a brilliant paradox.

By now it should be known that we escape columnists are a trinity. Three people which in many ways may seem one and the same but alas is somewhat different. If not a lot. Not only our zodiac signs but numerous of other little things that make a someone, a person. So, perhaps a little introduction is in order.

In true pisces spirit K is likely to write a lot of philosophical posts, so be sure to check out words a lot. K is the oldest of the escape columnists but has a tendency to slip into the shoes of a little sister. Maybe this is a result of her unwillingness to actually grow up. Watching a film with K can be like riding an emotional roller coaster since being a pisces makes her a very emotional person. Though her feelings tries to slow her down K has no idea how to really hit the breaks. Away we go… 

Tauruses are supposedly quite stubborn and strong-willed, but J firmly states that’s not at all the case. Although, J also has other qualities of a Taurus, such as being down-to-earth and kind. She is also a creative and an imaginative person, and one can wonder how that alines with being down-to-earth… Oh well, some say that being a Taurus is a contradiction in itself. Calm, but stressed; introvert but social. Even though she loves planning, she is terrible at following her plans through. She sometimes struggle a little with expressing her thoughts and feelings.

Being a cancer apparently makes M moody but also a loyal friend. M is the Christmas fanatic which is why she is listening to Christmas songs while writing this. She is also the one who is most likely to spell words in the wrong way and use improper grammar. The last thing you need to know about M is that she is a ginger so be aware if you have gingerphobia. If you were ever to meet M she will probably steal your soul so that she can add some more freckles to the constellation on her face.


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