A brief beauty


Last week it snowed. And again this morning. It was sudden, brief and if you dared to close your eyes it would’ve been over before you could’ve had a chance to open them again. But despite the briefness of the happening it still happened. It was there and for us who had the chance to witness the marvellous dance of small groups of H2O-molecules it was such beauty. It was a privilege. Slowly, gently the flakes made their way to the cold, hard ground to be smashed into the cooperate which we call snow. It’s one of the reasons I love snow. Alone, the snowflakes make their individual way down to the cooperative. But even within the mishmash they are still alone, individuals. Because neither one is the other one alike. They’re all unique. Kinda like people. But not quite. We’re not nearly one hundred percent H2O.

IMG_0817 kopia



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