Comfort zones and taking chances.


I’d like to think I’m an adventurous person – and in some ways I might be – but usually I’m not that into risk-taking or adventuring. I wish I took more chances and actually did stuff, challenging stuff. Don’t get me wrong, as a Taurus I of course enjoy the safe choice, what I already know. At the same time, I am very curious but that’s mostly more a hypothetical kind of curiousness than a practical kind. But sometimes I can just wish that I actually went even more outside of my comfort zone.

I have gotten better at this, though. A few days ago, my sister told me about a new, upcoming band she liked and she said that they were going to have a release party/small gig in a city quite close to where we live. We didn’t know a lot about the event; not a lot about the band, not the exact location, how to get there, who were going to attend the event, not even if we actually wanted to go… Okay, it sounds like we’re complete idiots, I guess, but we actually looked these things up and so on. Don’t think we’re that stupid, haha.

After finding out where it was going to take place and things like that, we started to really think about it… Was it worth it? Even though the event was free, it was going to take quite a bit of time and money getting there (the train journey ended up being almost free because of boring stuff such as coupons,points and offers, but you get what I mean). Maybe it wasn’t even going to be that fun or good?

We ended up going, eventually, and I am so happy we did. It was the best gig or something of similar character I’ve ever been to, and even though I haven’t been to that many gigs I am sure I’ll remember this for quite a while. It was so cozy and personal!

Lucky we took the chance and actually did it, huh? 😉 I hope I’ll learn from this and more often dare to take that leap outside of my comfort zone.

~ J


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