white, bright, cold


So… it’s finally here, what K has been longing for, for quite a while. I like snow too, as long as it’s not snowy here all the way into spring. Then it’s just grey, sloppy, wet “snow” and I’m not the biggest fan of that.

The days have been dark and with muted tones, making me feel less cheery than I actually am. Now, with a light blue sky and glimmering, glistening white snow everywhere, everything feels brighter. More hopeful. And that’s a good thing to feel, as we approach the new year. There’s  only a few days left now, and I like that we (probably) enter 2016 together with the white, bright, cold snow.

The past days, the snowy scenery outside actually made me leave my cozy den (a.k.a. my bed) and do something. I went for a walk, then went shopping on the “post-Christmas-sales” (I don’t know what to call it, but they’re just trying to get rid of everything Christmassy or from before Christmas) and then, I actually went for a run. In the snow. I know, it’s crazy (not really). I don’t know why, but maybe I felt so full of newfound hope that I thought it was the new year already… Anyways, it was actually a great run, even though it was more of a “walk-and-then-run-a-few-meters-til-I-feel-super-tired-and-repeat”.

The snow is so beautiful, I just want to take pictures of everything! I like photography and photos, especially instant photos/Polaroid pictures, but I’ll probably write even more about that another time. Although, I never thought I was any good at taking pictures. But that’s not the important part about photography, for me at least. It’s just as dancing; I love it, I know I’m not really great at it but I’ll dance anyway.


~ J


In Between


I just read J’s post about the post blogmas blues and trying not to be an imitator I have to agree. It feels rather empty that it’s over. Though it was really challenging, I must admit it was good to have something pushing me, and us, forward. I’m really greatful for J, who put words to my feelings. 

I won’t get to sentimental but I’m just a bit lost at the moment. Lost in the time between festivities. That middle between Christmas and New Years. It’s almost like the big breath before the deep plunge. Or the quiet before the storm. That breaf moment which sometimes seems infinite but is always over before you have a chance to really grasp the sense of it.

Am I making any sense? Or am I just rambling? Probably. Lost in the space between happenings. Quite lovely, actually. 


Post-Blogmas 2015?


It feels so weird to NOT have a bunch of blog posts on the way, to NOT write/read a new post here every day. So different. They say that it takes 21 days for something to become a habit, and last time I checked there were 24 days of blogmas! Does that mean…? No, I didn’t post this on the 25, so I guess I didn’t become THAT used to it.

Although, I really liked having something pushing us to post stuff. It felt good, I think! Of course, it might have been a bit stressful and we might have failed a few times… And maybe blogmas is (what some would call) “forcing blog posts” and make us write even if we don’t want to (we did want to!). And maybe that’s true in some ways, but I see a lot of good things about blogmas too! It was FUN! And we did it, there’s a blog post for every day leading up to Christmas (I think)! So yeah, I don’t really know why I’m writing about this, but I am.

I actually have a lot of ideas for things I want to write about. Hopefully I will actually write and post them. So yeah, even though blogmas is over for this year, stick with us! This was just a short little post to update this blog and for me to just write casually. And soon, I’ll write about New Years and 2016 and parties and planning and about making a lot of other things a habit! Just you wait. 😉

~ J

24 days later


Finally it’s here. The day we’ve been counting down to. Chistmas Eve, which means the end of blogmas. 

It has truly been a wonderful expirience, helping us a great deal with coming to terms of what it really means to have a blog. We may have been beginners at the start; like Bambi on ice. But we believe that blogmas has provided us with enough expirience to bring you the very best of us. Maybe not always but we shall try! 

It almost seems impossible that 24 days have passed so quickly. It’s almost a bit sad to say goodbye to blogmas. But as all good things tend to do, it will return, with even more spectacular posts letting you know it’s Christmas time! 

Lastly we would like to wish you all a Happy Chrismas and a Happy New Year! 

/J, K and M 

Spicy [vegan + RAW] chocolate truffles


I realise as I start writing this that my latest blogpost was also a food related Christmassy DIY…. Oh well. Here we go.

I love giving edible gifts to people. They are great and everyone (well, at least I think so) loves to receive things that aren’t just things but also something to nibble on during the holidays. These gifts feel very warm and sincere to me, since you actually took time and effort to make something for them – same goes for other DIY-gifts 

In my family, we usually have a tradition of making Christmas treats about a week before Christmas Eve together with some friends to the family. This year, that didn’t really happen. It’s making me quite sad actually, but to stop myself from feeling like I missed out on an important part of my Christmas preparation, I decided to make some treats. These are super easy spicy chocolate truffles, and in addition they’re vegan, RAW and quite healthy (or at least healthier than the usual treats)! They contain no weird added sugars, and also cocoa, cayenne and cinnamon are all really great spices. I won’t ramble about how much I like these truffles anymore, let’s just get on with the recipe!


 You will need:

400 grams of soft dates

2 tablespoons of melted coconut oil

50 g finely chopped dark chocolate (vegan)

1 1/2 – 2 tablespoons cacao powder, unsweetened

1/2 teaspoon of salt

1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon of cayenne

(+extra spices for dusting)
This is what you’ll do:

If you have a great food processor, just whack it all in there and pulse it to a nice, smooth batter. Otherwise, you can also do what I did and beat all the ingredients together for a good few minutes until you have something that kind of resembles a nearly-smooth mixture. It won’t really make a huge difference, flavour-wise at least! Then, you roll the dough-thing into small balls and dust them in whatever you like. Cocoa powder is probably most common, but I also dusted some of them in a mixture of cocoa, cinnamon and cayenne (ooh the three c-words!) and if you like spicy I would really recommend that! You can chill the truffles if you want, although I didn’t find it completely necessary. Now, with your small balls of deliciousness made, you have to choices; to give them away in a cute box as a tasty gift, or to just stuff your face full of ’em. Naturally, I did both. Enjoy!

~ J

Driving “Home” For Christmas


In all the years I have been alive (sounds like I am suuuuper old, I´m not, I promise!) I have never celebrated christmas at home. My first christmas was spent with my mum, dad, big brother, some of my cousins and my dad’s parents (my grandparents). All of these people (except my brother, mum and dad, obviously) live about 14-16 hours from my home town.

The rest of the christmases in my life have been spent with my other grandparents. In order to get to their house first we have to drive for two hours, ride the ferry for two hours and then drive for another half an hour until we finally arrive.

This year my brothers and I drove here earlier than we usually do. Whilst sitting on the ferry I realised that it dosen’t feel like christmas is truly coming until we go to my grandmother’s house. The time before christmas is fun and all but it feels like it’s infinite. It’s when we leave for the long drive I realise christmas eve is just a few days away. Because for me my true home at christmas is my grandmother’s.

So do you stay home at christmas or do you travel? I honestly can’t imagine spending christmas anywhere else than my grandmother’s house.

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

➢ M

Juggling the christmas insanity


I knew it. Somewhere in the darkest corners of my heart I knew I would fail. Perhaps failing at blogmas isn’t all that serious but it still feels a bit sad. And this was the second time! To my defence I was juggling quite a lot of different things and my mind was in a complete mishmash. Being a teenager in Christmas time doesn’t help either. So this is my reason for posting something today (the 23 of December) but actually posting it the day before yesterday (the 21st). If that didn’t make any sense don’t be alarmed, I’m completely lost myself.

It’s quite funny really. We spend so much time anticipating Christmas and then it’s there. And a few moments later it’s over. Poof. Quite insane. But what do I know. I’m not the greatest Christmas fan, so perhaps I will never really understand the excitement. Or maybe I’m just bitter – there’s still no snow.


three days of stress… I mean Christmas!


I’m sitting in my bed, snuggled up in my super warm Christmas sweater and surrounded by fairy lights. Even though I’m dreaming about hot chocolate and planning my last minute Christmas presents I have to admit – I’m not really in the festive spirit. I kind of know why and at the same time I have no idea. I’m usually so good at planning my gifts for everyone – I loooooove giving gifts – but this December has been utter, straight up crap for me I think. This makes me sad, I have barely bought or figured out ANY presents AT ALL. And I know Christmas is about so much more than gifts… But I just love spreading joy and to show how much I appreciate the people around me! If you’ve read about “love language” (it’s like psychology stuff I guess) then I guess you could say one of my more prominent love languages is gifts/giving, as I sometimes struggle with expressing my love or feelings orally.

I think as I’ve been so stressed about school, work and other stuff, even fun stuff such as our Yule ball, I’ve kind of lost my Christmas joy along the way through December. Saying it’s a let down is an understatement…. 😦

I have also mentioned that I like planning and lists, and not having even a slight plan to my Christmas shopping stresses me out. I know, I made my Christmas chaos organiser but if you don’t use it – surprise surprise – it doesn’t really help you. I haven’t even baked or cooked that much, except for a kale pie for a Christmas party yesterday! I’m so upset about this fact. So sad. But I guess the only way to stop being stressed and sad is to do something about it. So right now I’m going to make a list and tomorrow I’ll try and buy/make some gifts for people…. Before I have to hurry to work. I have to (or well, I choosed this but you know what I’m mean, I’m not really complaining) work twice before Christmas and once before New Years.

Okay cool, great talk, let’s hope you’re a bit less stressed than me, and I’ll just keep reminding myself that all the “must-s” and “gotta-s” I’ve set up for myself aren’t exactly real… Three days left now!

 ~ J

Easy DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub


This christmas I haven’t got very much money for christmas presents. Previous years I have always bought all of my presents. Since I still wanted to give nice gifts despite the lack of money I decided to make some.

For example I made peppermint sugar scrubs today. They look and smell really nice and I think my friends will be happy with them (hopefully)! To get the instructions for how to make this scrub click here.

One thing I noticed while making the scrub is that if you want a scrub that smells purely of peppermint be sure to buy a odourless coconut oil. If you don’t mind the combination of coconut and peppermint you can use the regular coconut oil. I ended up using the regular coconut oil and had to put in quite a lot of peppermint extract for it to smell more of peppermint than of coconut.

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

In the end it was quick and easy making this sugar scrub and not to expensive. I bought the jars but you could use old ones you have at home if you want to save even more money.

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

➢ M

The Yule ball 


I fear the day before yesterday was all about something else than blogmas. It was time for the Yule Ball at our school. It’s a tradition for all seniors and it was truly magical. I had been looking forward to it for such a long time and for me it was a dream come true. 

As a girl I was just a teeny tiny bit obsessed with Disney princesses and I really felt like one in my dress, my sparkling headband and shimmering makeup. You could say it was shimmering, splendid. I danced until my feet went numb (the really did, I still can’t feel anything in one of my toes) and it was totally worth it. It was a night to remember. Always.