Lights, camera, gold


I like to have som kind of Christmas tree in my bedroom just to get that extra Christmas-y atmosphere and coziness. Last year I don’t think I did, but the year before I had a smaller version of my Christmas tree. This year, I wanted something different. I’m obsessed with string lights and instant cameras, so when browsing through Pinterest I got inspired. So, I present to you my On-the-wall-Christmas-Tree!

I am most excited and I have TOO many photos that I hope you little cutie reading this will enjoy. I guess I’ll try and explain how I did this, it’s super simple so no need for a long DIY-description.

Starting off with just a few nails, tacks and a hammer I started figuring out the shape I wanted. I went for a simple triangle basically. Then I draped my fairy lights or string lights on them and kind of secured them to the nails and tacks. Super easy, I promise. I was quite intimidated but no worries! Just make sure you’re using safe, indoor LED lights that doesn’t get ho

So now for the even more exciting part – decorating the tree! As I said, I’m obsessed with my Fujifilm Instax mini 8 instant camera which means I have loads of polaroid pictures lying around without a home so I gave them a rightful place on my tree using some small wooden clothes pins.

I would suggest decorate with whatever you like and have lying around or that you think would go with your tree. I bought some copper toned golden shiny, matte and glittery baubles which were super cheap and SO SO cute. They go well with my room and the style I wanted with my light tree.

I’m obsessed with it! I think it’s so cute and I highly recommend this way of decoration you room for the holidays. It’s so easy and really customisable. I could’ve really gone HAM on the decorating part with more sparkles, colours, tinsel and the hole sha-bang, but I like the quite simplistic feel of this tree.

~ J


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