Counting Down To Christmas


I’ve never really been the person to have “traditional” advent calendars. Not the last few years at least. When I was little I used to own the calendar which was “connected” to the advent calendar they showed on TV. I also tried having a chocolate calendar ones but ate all the chocolates after the first few days of December. To say I failed is an understatement.

This is why I want to talk (or rather write) about “alternative advent calendars”. Which sounds quite weird but it’s just another way for you to get excited for christmas whilst counting down the days left until Santa arrives.

There are some different “advent calendars” which have been growing the last few years thanks to the amplifying in internet using . I’m of course thinking about blogmas and vlogmas. Personally I love vlogmas. Watching vlogmas is a good way to relax and at the same time looking forward to christmas. I also think it’s easier to get exited for christmas if you watch something christmasy. (Watching other peoples life on youtube is also a great way to escape your own. Lol.)

Another type of advent calendars I think are quite exiting are the ones which are personal to you. With personal to you I mean advent calendars which are based on your interest, for example my mum gets really excited for a math advent calendar every year. She put it up in our apartment every year and usually don’t take it down until she receive the next one (which, yes, is a year after she got the previous one).

For me my personal advent calendar is a book. So if you are like me and like heartwarming christmasy short stories this book would be perfect for you. The book I’m referring to is called My True Love Gave To Me. The book is made out of 12 short stories all written by different authors. I usually read a short story every two days from 1st of December until the 23rd. Each story is magical in its own way.

If you already have the perfect christmas book that gives you all the christmas feeling you need then you could maybe divide it into 12 or 24 parts and read one each day or every two days.

Good look with your advent calendars and merry christmas!

➢ M


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