DIY Yuletide Garland


I know from experience that people can blabber on for ages before the instructions for their DIY:s begin. Thats something a find quite irritating and a promise I won’t do that. I do have to say something first though. The garland consists of three different types of handmade ornaments and it will therefore take quite some time making it. With that said I think we should get right into the instruction!

Things you will need:

  • Pinecones
  • Different coloured paper (white, silver, green and red)
  • Thread (2,5-3 meters long)
  • Glue
  • Sewing thread
  • Needle
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • Circular object (glass)
  • Scissors


Before you start saying anything about me buying pinecones DON’T because my dad have already teased me about it!


The amount of paper and the measurement of thread will depend on how long you want your garland to be. As you can see by the picture the silver coloured papers I used where quite an odd shape. You could always start out with a normal paper and then cut it into the right shape.

We will start with the instruction of how to make the silver “bauble”. (I used quite a thick paper which made it hard to fold so I would recommend using quite a thin papper instead.) The first step is to draw lines on the back of the paper using a ruler to get the lines straight.


After drawing the long lines you are going to draw diagonal lines from one line to another. (see picture)


When you are done with drawing the diagonal lines it’s time to start folding the paper. This can be a bit tricky. Every line is divided in the middle by the short diagonal lines. Starting from the left making your way the right your going to fold the top half of every other line one way and then the other top halves the opposite way. After you have folded the top lines you are going to do the same with the bottom lines. HERE comes the tricky part; you have to fold the bottom half of the line the opposite way to how you folded the top half of the same line.


The last part in the making of the silver bauble is; using a sewing thread and needle you have to sew the thread through the top between all the lines in the top and then through the bottom between all the lines at the bottom. (see picture) When doing this use a strong thread or make the thread dubbel som that it won’t brake.


After you have done that pull the thread until the bottom and the top closes. Secure the thread with a few stitches and then your done with the first ornament!

IMG_0390 (1)


Now it’s time to move in to the red and green bauble. The first thing you have to do is find a circular object. With the help of your circular object of choice you are going to trace circles on the green and the red paper. In total you want 6 circles of each colour. Cut out the circles and place them in the order shown in the picture, fold them in half and then stack them into one pile.

The next step is to attach all the circle together. Using a needle and sewing thread (again) I pushed the thread through the top of all the circles and then the bottom. You could use a stapler but I did not have one and fund that my method used extremely well. Secure the thread with a few knots before moving on to the next step.

After sewing the circles together it’s time to use the glue. Glue the tops of the circles together in pairs (red with read and green with green).


Lastly glue the bottoms of the circles together in pairs but this time a green with a red. When you have finished this the ornament should be done and you are free to move on to the making of the last ornament.


The last type ornament is a snowflake. For the making of the snowflake I used a white slightly shimmering paper. The first thing you want to do is to cut the paper. I cut the paper into a oblong shape with the measurements 10,5 x 18 cm. When finished with cutting the paper the next step is to fold it like an accordion. DON’T fold it to many times because then it will be difficult later on.

The next thing to do is to fold the folded paper in half and tie a thread around the middle. Continue by drawing a shape on each side of the thread and then cutting off the excess paper.

When you have cut the shapes on both sides of the paper gently pull the paper until it looks like the picture.


To finish it and make it a snowflake, glue the pieces that are not already attached to each other.


To be able to finish your garland you have to make a couple of more of these ornaments. In total I made 2 silver baubles, 7 green and red baubles and 5 snowflakes. After finishing them all I cut ended up using a brown thicker thread (2,5-3 meters long) as the string which the ornaments will hang on. Lay the thread on the ground and start placing the ornaments in the order you want them to hang. Remember the pinecones as well!


To secure the ornaments and pinecones to the thicker thread I used the sewing thread once again. All you have to do is tie it to the ornament and then to the thicker thread. Use multiple knots so you know the ornaments are secured safely and won’t fall off.

All that is left to do now is to hang the yuletide garland somewhere where it will look festive! (Just remember to secure it tightly wherever you hang it because you don’t want it to fall down. Mine did while I was sleeping and  the sound it made smashing against my window scared me half ro death!)

FullSizeRender (1)

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