Another fragment of me – Holidays


Sometimes, I like to think about all the things that make up a person – all the small pieces woven together to create a very complex being. Those things could be anything, literary ANY-THING that you believe is a part of you. You can tear them apart and separate them in to small fragments, and maybe that’s when it becomes quite destroying, or maybe that’s just when things start to become interesting… I’m rambling now. Get to the point, J.

In our short introductions about us, I think we were trying to capture a few of these things to really give you – the reader – an idea and a chance to put us together to a person. But of course we only scratched the surface, there’s an infinite amount of things.

For example; fanatical speller, animal lover, “too kind”, over-analyzer, the excessive use of semicolon and brackets.

One of these things that I actually want to write about today is a quite important and prominent fragment of me – my love for traditions and holidays. I love celebrating holidays and special occasions. I am especially obsessed with Halloween (and Christmas as well but… don’t kill me, I might like Halloween even more but it’s a close call…). At the same time, I know it’s like super over-hyped by social media and the commercial world (is that a real expression or did I just make it up?) for us stupid, gullible humans. Wow, I sound so optimistic, don’t I?

Anyway, I love Halloween even though I know it’s a bit weird to celebrate it as much as I do… Especially as where I live it’s not really a “traditional/real” holiday. If there is something called a “real” holiday. I just think traditions and celebrations spice up your every-day-life and make it so much more interesting. I also love the dressing up and costume part! And I wish we had more celebrations in life, because when you think about it, every day is actually something to celebrate in a way… (getting deep there, J? this is about your love for halloween, calm your horses).

Speaking of traditions, I also think it is important to make up your own and don’t do what everybody else is doing just because you are “supposed to”. As I said, I really make Halloween a big deal even though here it usually isn’t. I also have more personal traditions, for example every year my family and some family friends always meet to make Christmas sweets and bake. And I think a very new tradition is making super fancy and cool gingerbread houses with my friends. (Just you wait. There might be evidence of this coming up soon!)

So yeah, this was me rambling about small things and holidays. Now I’m going to sleep. I guess that’s also something that makes me into me; going to sleep waaaaay past my bed time.

~ J


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