Christmas music


With Christmas time comes Christmas music. In all its forms. From Mariah Carey wanting me for Christmas to the Coir of King’s College wanting, well maybe not me, but perhaps to gather up all ye faithful, or something. And there are so many other kinds of Christmas music, not just pop and choir. But I must admit I’m a fan of the latter.

Christmas for me is either an early morning or late evening in church. Maybe it has something to do with my parents being ministers but wether or not it has been their influence I’ve always felt safe and at home in church. Singing psalms together with strangers who, for a minute, aren’t strangers at all. Rereading this makes me question if I really should be writing about my relationship with church. We humans are quick to judge and there’s a lot of prejudices about church.

Back to Christmas music (smooth transition, I know). I don’t really have a favourite list of Christmas songs. But there is actually one song I refuse to celebrate Christmas without. Enyas version of O Come O Come Emmanuel. On some days it’s my reason to stay alive. Well, maybe that’s a little bit too dramatic but it is certainly one of the greatest songs. There’s something unearthly about her voice and it’s almost sort of magical. If snow could sing, I believe it would sound something like Enya.



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