Being The Crab I Was Born As


As I’m sitting her and the clock slowly approaches twelve I don’t know what to write. I guess I have som ideas but in the true fashion of my zodiac sign they feel too personal, too revealing. Even this -whatever this is- is making me want to hide inside my shell. So what should I write about? Words are being created but nothing of value. But maybe it doesn’t have to be, maybe writing is just enough. Putting together different combination of letters is sometimes more satisfying when the combinations mean nothing. When you let your mind wander and just type whatever pops up. Like a train of thought; should I post this? If I don’t does it mean I have failed? Is it important if I fail or not? Or is it more important to go to bed when I know I have a test tomorrow? Will this even matter in five years? I guess it’s up to you to decide!

➢ M



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