Let’s bake vegan cookies!


Have I told you I like baking? I’m kind of obsessed, but nowadays I don’t really have the time to bake as much as I want to. Now when it’s getting closer to Christmas you would think I had more time but school wants to really push us to our limits, even through the last week before Christmas. Anyway, today we decided to bake cookies! We used to make cookies all the time before and I’ve really missed it. Sometimes we bake the most epic things, such as huge birthday cakes, cake pops made to look like ice cream and cool gingerbread houses! But today, it was time for cookies. (It’s always appropriate to eat cookies, I think, well maybe not but that’s a nice thing to imagine) 

I think M found the recipe for these vegan chocolate chip cookies on Pinterest but we changed it just a tad. We used dark mint chocolate chopped into small pieces and it was amazing! We also added a bit more flour as the batter was super sticky, but that might differ on your ingredients and so on. Anyways we really liked this recipe.

Click here to get to the original recipe, it’s great! We usually make really large cookies and these spread out a lot when in the oven. They were so soft but still so crunchy…. Okay I’m getting hungry for more just writing about them! Haha! 

Sorry for not having better or more artistic photos, but I couldn’t wait long enough to adjust and get the perfect setting, lighting and so on. I’m sure I’ll dream about these delicious cookies tonight!


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