three days of stress… I mean Christmas!


I’m sitting in my bed, snuggled up in my super warm Christmas sweater and surrounded by fairy lights. Even though I’m dreaming about hot chocolate and planning my last minute Christmas presents I have to admit – I’m not really in the festive spirit. I kind of know why and at the same time I have no idea. I’m usually so good at planning my gifts for everyone – I loooooove giving gifts – but this December has been utter, straight up crap for me I think. This makes me sad, I have barely bought or figured out ANY presents AT ALL. And I know Christmas is about so much more than gifts… But I just love spreading joy and to show how much I appreciate the people around me! If you’ve read about “love language” (it’s like psychology stuff I guess) then I guess you could say one of my more prominent love languages is gifts/giving, as I sometimes struggle with expressing my love or feelings orally.

I think as I’ve been so stressed about school, work and other stuff, even fun stuff such as our Yule ball, I’ve kind of lost my Christmas joy along the way through December. Saying it’s a let down is an understatement…. 😦

I have also mentioned that I like planning and lists, and not having even a slight plan to my Christmas shopping stresses me out. I know, I made my Christmas chaos organiser but if you don’t use it – surprise surprise – it doesn’t really help you. I haven’t even baked or cooked that much, except for a kale pie for a Christmas party yesterday! I’m so upset about this fact. So sad. But I guess the only way to stop being stressed and sad is to do something about it. So right now I’m going to make a list and tomorrow I’ll try and buy/make some gifts for people…. Before I have to hurry to work. I have to (or well, I choosed this but you know what I’m mean, I’m not really complaining) work twice before Christmas and once before New Years.

Okay cool, great talk, let’s hope you’re a bit less stressed than me, and I’ll just keep reminding myself that all the “must-s” and “gotta-s” I’ve set up for myself aren’t exactly real… Three days left now!

 ~ J


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