Juggling the christmas insanity


I knew it. Somewhere in the darkest corners of my heart I knew I would fail. Perhaps failing at blogmas isn’t all that serious but it still feels a bit sad. And this was the second time! To my defence I was juggling quite a lot of different things and my mind was in a complete mishmash. Being a teenager in Christmas time doesn’t help either. So this is my reason for posting something today (the 23 of December) but actually posting it the day before yesterday (the 21st). If that didn’t make any sense don’t be alarmed, I’m completely lost myself.

It’s quite funny really. We spend so much time anticipating Christmas and then it’s there. And a few moments later it’s over. Poof. Quite insane. But what do I know. I’m not the greatest Christmas fan, so perhaps I will never really understand the excitement. Or maybe I’m just bitter – there’s still no snow.



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