24 days later


Finally it’s here. The day we’ve been counting down to. Chistmas Eve, which means the end of blogmas. 

It has truly been a wonderful expirience, helping us a great deal with coming to terms of what it really means to have a blog. We may have been beginners at the start; like Bambi on ice. But we believe that blogmas has provided us with enough expirience to bring you the very best of us. Maybe not always but we shall try! 

It almost seems impossible that 24 days have passed so quickly. It’s almost a bit sad to say goodbye to blogmas. But as all good things tend to do, it will return, with even more spectacular posts letting you know it’s Christmas time! 

Lastly we would like to wish you all a Happy Chrismas and a Happy New Year! 

/J, K and M 


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