white, bright, cold


So… it’s finally here, what K has been longing for, for quite a while. I like snow too, as long as it’s not snowy here all the way into spring. Then it’s just grey, sloppy, wet “snow” and I’m not the biggest fan of that.

The days have been dark and with muted tones, making me feel less cheery than I actually am. Now, with a light blue sky and glimmering, glistening white snow everywhere, everything feels brighter. More hopeful. And that’s a good thing to feel, as we approach the new year. There’s  only a few days left now, and I like that we (probably) enter 2016 together with the white, bright, cold snow.

The past days, the snowy scenery outside actually made me leave my cozy den (a.k.a. my bed) and do something. I went for a walk, then went shopping on the “post-Christmas-sales” (I don’t know what to call it, but they’re just trying to get rid of everything Christmassy or from before Christmas) and then, I actually went for a run. In the snow. I know, it’s crazy (not really). I don’t know why, but maybe I felt so full of newfound hope that I thought it was the new year already… Anyways, it was actually a great run, even though it was more of a “walk-and-then-run-a-few-meters-til-I-feel-super-tired-and-repeat”.

The snow is so beautiful, I just want to take pictures of everything! I like photography and photos, especially instant photos/Polaroid pictures, but I’ll probably write even more about that another time. Although, I never thought I was any good at taking pictures. But that’s not the important part about photography, for me at least. It’s just as dancing; I love it, I know I’m not really great at it but I’ll dance anyway.


~ J


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