New year – new me? 


So here we are. The first of January, 2016. 2015 is no more than a memory in the shadow of what shall be. The great adventure has just begun and I believe we’re all anxious to see what time will bring, because as always, only time tell.

And with a new year comes the chance to change oneself. Finally we can be who we were always meant to be and all that used to be is blown away, like leaves in the wind. At least that’s what we’re often told and keep telling ourselves. We make New Years resolutions, promises we so desperately try to keep but always with that feeling of an inevitable failure.

Gosh, that sounds so depressing. Prehaps not the best way to start a new year. What I really want to say is that we shouldn’t be too quick to shake of last years clothing. During 2015 we’ve all grown and I think we often forget that it actually took a whole to get to we are right now. So before you decide on all the things you’re going to change with your life, be sure to remember how far you’ve come. Don’t hesitate to appreciate the wonders that might have occurred during 2015. A happy 2016 to you all.



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