Just a date, just a number


So. It’s a new year. And I like to see it as a start of something new, just as a lot of other people, but really it’s just a new day -as any new day- that for us has over time received the cultural value of being The Start of the New Year. Although I know that probably came out a bit negatively, I am not entirely against New Years, as I am quite fascinated by it – and of course, my previously mentioned love for celebrations might have something to do with it as well. 

And maybe we see it as a start because of being the 1st of the 1st month of a number of months… But why? Just because of some old dude with a calendar (probably a bunch) decided on these numbers…? And as we always hear, age is just a number so does that mean that the new year 2016 is just a number…? Maybe. Maybe we should view every day as a new year. What would happen if I started counting the new year from my birthday, because for me that’s when a new year starts. Then we would all be celebrating New Year’s at different times… Oh wait. That’s our birthday’s, basically…

Anyway. This went a bit off topic, and I probably have a few other things to write about concerning New Year’s and resolutions, but that’s for another post I think. What I want to say with all this… stuff, is that… Don’t see New Year’s as your only new start, your only way to start over and re-do, be the “new you” if that’s what you want. 1st of January can be a great new start if you want it to, but so can January 2nd, and 3rd, and even the 13th of November… Good luck!

~ J


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