Gateway to Happiness


M presenting a gateway to happiness.

  1. Buy food for barbecuing. Preferably (vegan) hot dogs with mustard and ketchup. You also need fruit, chocolate and aluminium foil.
  2. Drive to the gathering of trees often called the forest. Bring friends!
  3. Start a fire. Whilst waiting make your way to a lake nearby. Take random detours on the way. (Make sure someone is watching the fire! You don’t want the forest to burn down.)
  4. When you have arrived at the lake; take photos of your friends while they walk on the unstable ice. Walk the same way back. Don’t forget to throw some pinecones at each other!
  5. Now it’s time for the food! Start with the main course: HOT DOGS! Finish the meal with some fruit and chocolate in aluminium foil which you have put on the fire. Delicious ❣
  6. This step is very important! DO NOT FORGET TO SHARE THE FOOD WITH EVERYONE!
  7. The fire is starting to extinguish and the wind is blowing stronger. Your starting to feel cold and the only solution is to run! Run through the forest like your five years old again! (Side note: If one of your friends happen to fall be sure to take a photo before helping them get up.)
  8. Swing, swing on the makeshift swings. Two or one at a time doesn’t matter as long as you make sure to swing as high as the sky.
  9. Later when the fire is completely extinguished pack your bags. Get into the car.
  10. All that is left now is to go home and enjoy the smell of fire reeking from you and your clothes.

➢ M


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