The perfect midnight snack 


Usually we get told that midnight snacking isn’t good for you, and I can see that, but sometimes you just can’t stop yourself from leaving your room and going in to the kitchen to look for something tasty. This especially happens to me on those late study nights when I just have to stay awake and study.

I recently found this snack which, in my opinion, is the best midnight snack. I mean, it’s probably not too healthy but it’s sweet, decadent and filling. And this is how you make it:

1. Go in to your kitchen and stand there for a minute just wondering what to eat, then open the fridge.

2. Start looking through it and then you will find an almost empty jar of crunchy peanut butter from when you made Peanut Butter bars.

3. Look around again and grab a banana that’s starting to get a little bit spotty and brown. Then, peel and mash it up.

4. Layer peanut butter and mashed banana on top of a peace of bread, maybe a soft flatbread? But take whatever bread you have, I’m sure it works.

5. Think about what could finish this masterpiece off perfectly, and settle on chocolate.

6. Take a chunk of a chocolate bar that’s still just laying around, and use a grater to grate some chocolate shavings on top.

7. Look at your fabulous and way too pretentious-looking snack for a while, maybe snap a pic, and then….

8. EAT IT! And feel your stomach thanking you for the delicious and filling midnight snack!

~ J 


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