My Almost-Stranger


Having someone who you almost doesn’t know live with you for a week is interesting, as well as exhausting. You are constantly thinking about them and trying to make the experience as smooth and nice for the both of you. But the truth is that not everything is going to come without any problems and that’s okay. You will problably feel weird and very aware of everything in your own home. It’s very difficult to explain, but all in all it actually was a good experience. We had a lot of fun, even though I think we were both quite shy and private. And the language barrier didn’t really help either!

I stayed with my Almost-Stranger for a few days in her home last year, and I think that really helped with making this time more relaxed. Her stay with me made me realise all the things that maybe might seem weird for others but are so obviously right for me. We lead very different lives, but I still feel as we are quite similar. There are ways in which you could say we really think or act the same way, and like the same things.

 She gave me some gifts when she got here, washi tape/masking tape and a vase. The vase was my favourite colour, a light blue-greenish, teal/turquoise colour. And sure, that can just be a matter of luck, or that maybe I told her that it’s my favourite colour, I don’t know. But the washi tape… One was cheesy (half-bad english) quotes in typewriter font that looked a bit vintage/old style. And the other one was star constellations of the Zodiac signs. HOW did she know that I love both of those things? It’s actually scary. I did not tell her any of these things, I think, and it’s not really things you tell someone casually when you meet them… At least not me. “Yeah I like stars, and constellations, and zodiac signs… Oh and I really enjoy cheesy inspirational quotes, and typewriters! And you know… Washi tape is so cool and I love being creative and scrap-booking and such…” I don’t think we talked about that, at all.

Maybe we are mirrored, far away friends that, if we weren’t far away, would find out that we have so much in common. I hope our (kind of) friendship will last… But maybe, and most likely, we will never meet again and that makes me sad. It makes me wish I would’ve done everything differently, talked more, asked more, laughed more. But I will remember her, and I’m sure she will remember me, and of course we influenced each other in some way. You always do.

And who knows, maybe the stars have figured out a way for us to meet again? I’ll have to look for that in my washi tape of constellations…


~ J


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