Celebrating a Late Easter + Vegan Carrot Cake! 


… Or I guess calling it celebrating Spring is more accurate in this case. I had to work the entire Easter weekend basically, which was fine with me. My family also had guests so we decided to celebrate a bit late when I didn’t have work and our guests had gone home – which meant today! My grandparents also came to visit, and it was just a really nice time. The weather today probably helped a lot with me feeling very Spring-like!

I got up pretty early today to bake a cake (in my opinion the only correct way of ever celebrating something! hehe). A few days ago, during a break from work, I found this recipe on Pinterest and it just sounded amazing! You have to click the link and see for yourself too, but it’s basically a vegan carrot cake! It’s very similar to the cake I made last year (non-vegan) which was also made from a recipe on the same blog. That cake turned out amazing which was why its vegan counterpart made me super happy! And I can tell you – it did not let me down.

This cake is super soft, moist and packed full of flavour! I also made the “cream cheese” frosting and normally I’m not one for a butter cream based frosting, but this one actually turned out pretty good. It’s of course very sweet, as most frostings are, but the lemon juice toned down the sugary flavour and I also added some lime zest for some extra freshness (is that a word? now it is). 

I also decided to go for not frosting the entire cake and only covering the top and icing inbetween the cake layers. I’ve seen a lot of “naked” cakes on the interwebz lately, and I also thought the cake didn’t need any more frosting (I put quite a lot of frosting on top though…).

As you can see I also made some cake topper in the form of tiny bunting. I wish I would’ve taken more pictures of the process of making it but oh well. I wanted to add something on top but without adding more flavours or additional sweetness – and of course not the small Easter eggs I added last year since they’re non-vegan as well. So I made this and it was super easy! Just grab some scrap fabric, scissors, superglue, string and a pair of skewers. I’m really happy with my cake topper actually. 


(I hereby promise my next post won’t be about food, baking, cooking or sweet things… And maybe the next post here won’t be from me either? Can’t promise anything though. I find myself escaping from a lot of things right now, escaping to writing posts and posting stuff here instead…)

~ J



Vegan Sweets


My latest post was about trying to eat healthy and now I’m finding myself writing this about vegan sweets… Wow. Anyhow, I have a massive sweet tooth and my snacking game is on point – I actually think about food almost always. It’s almost weird.

Since I’m now on a completely plant-based diet, I’m looking for new sweet things to snack on. It’s not a problem, not even that difficult, since I’m kinda in love and obsessed with fruit… BUT there are sweets that I now no longer eat, and I’m constantly on the look out for new things to replace them.

I recently placed a small order for some snacks from a website that had almost everything when it comes to organic food (not everything is vegan though, but a lot of it is!) and there was also a sale at the time which is of course a huge plus!

Here’s what I got:

BEAR – arctic paws; raspberry & blueberry

BEAR – jungle paws; apple & blackcurrant

VIVANI – white nougat crisp rice choc

VIVANI – dark nougat croccante

This is not really meant to be a review but I thought I would say sometime about these. (I also ordered some dried mango but I kinda already ate them… LOVE IT!)

I have already tried some other things from this company, and I have to say… They are always super delicious! I don’t know if I’ve tried these specific sweets before but I do think so. (I’m saving them for bringing as snacks to an important test or a long work day or something!) The sweets from this company are so good and they contain no weird stuff and that’s great! I don’t think I could get away with calling them healthy but… At least there’s no freaky add-ins! BUT – these are always super expensive, so that’s something to think about… I mean, I would definitely not get this all the time but maybe as a special treat once in a while… And they’re organic so that’s great! (And they were on a discount when I ordered, so try and look for those.)

  These nougat chocolate bars, however, I did actually try just now since I never even heard about these before. And omg, they were so delicious! I couldn’t stop myself from eating both of them… Oops. I meant to save a little for tomorrow but ehm, that’s not possible I’m afraid. Both the dark and white one are amazing and they also work great together since the dark is quite dark and the white is very sweet, so they kind of complement each other. The packages are very small (just as the BEAR ones) but they are also very decadent. Really great, now I want ten more of this! Unlucky they’re also not the cheapest… Oh well! Maybe it’s worth it, at least once in a while, especially when they’re organic and (of course) vegan.


~ J


Super Easy Kale Chips


I know I’ve said this before… I’m not really healthy. BUT – I wish I was! And I have these try-hard times when I do give it my best and try to eat super healthy. This never works out though, but that doesn’t stop me from trying. So when I found a bag of fresh kale in our fridge yesterday I immediately knew I wanted to do something fun and healthy with it – kale chips! It was so easy to make, but I’m not really sure what I think of them. I mean, they’re so crunchy and salty and they really have a lot of flavour, so I should really like them… I guess it’s just a matter of getting used to them.

How to:

– pull apart the kale leaves into small chunks, try to get rid of most of the hard stem.

– put the pieces of kale in a bowl, add olive oil and toss them around until evenly coated.

– put on baking sheet in one single layer, not overlapping the kale. sprinkle with salt and pepper (and other spices if you want, I added some chili flakes)

– bake in preheated oven at 135 degrees C for about 20 minutes! and voila! super crispy kale chips!
(Before oven)

(After oven)
~ J 

61 days 


So this didn’t work out quite the way I would’ve liked it to do. 61 days since my last post. I’m trying really hard to figure out why. Maybe it’s because of all the other stuff going on. Maybe I’ve been too busy with life. There’s not enough time to escape anymore. School is really killing me, all of us really. It’s our senior year before university and they’re really trying to suck the life out of us. But we manage, somehow. At least I think we do. There’s nothing we can do but keep on going. And yet, I still escape but in different ways. TV-series. Films. Even cleaning my room becomes a way to escape my homework. 

But what frustrates me the most is that the thing that was suppose to be a place to escape to became something to escape from. This blog became the thing it was never meant to be. I was meant as a safe haven. A place where it was okey to just ramble. And then it wasn’t. I guess I made it into something that I had to do, instead of just letting it be. Am I making any sense at all? Well, I can at least find some comfort in knowing I still have what it takes to be a rambler. 


Two nights together

Adventure, Words

This last weekend, we jumped on a train to leave our small, boring and every-day-ish city for the bigger, more exciting and inspiring capital. We talked about it for a while, and then we decided to just do it, just leave. Some friends of my family owns a tiny apartment in the capital and when I asked they said that we could borrow it for two nights! Yay!

I have to admit I was kind of scared… And there are a few reasons for this. What if we started hating each other? We often stay at each other’s place, but that’s only one night and most of the times we split up after spending a day or two. And now we were suppose to live together for two nights and almost two entire days. It really isn’t that much, but the flat is really tiny so we’re living so close, so tightly. I mean, M and I traveled to another country together this summer for a week and that worked out great, so I really didn’t have to be scared and I knew that, but now we were four people and that’s kind of different… And we’re all kind of introverted.

But what made me even more scared was… What if we didn’t start hating each other? What if it was so much fun and so different from my normal life that I afterwards wanted to live with them for real? After M and I traveled together I immediately knew that I wanted to do that again, and again and again… And we are going to, I’m sure (with K as well, of course!). It made me realise traveling with friends is amazing. What if this weekend getaway made me realise I want to live with friends as well? And how will that work out in our uncertain future?

So; how did it go, then? Did we kill each other or did I start looking for an apartment for all of us?

Neither. It was amazing. The best thing, kinda. And I really think we could live together in the future, absolutely. But the fact that none of us know anything about what we’ll be doing this fall, I realise living together might not be happening yet, at least not a “full time”-living-together. I think we all figured out how it would be to live with other people (that’s not your family), both the positives and the negatives. And I’ve always been kinda certain about wanting to live completely on my own first, and I guess that made me even more scared, scared that the only thing I knew I wanted in the future was going to change…

But I also found out that I can handle the future. Whatever happens, I’m now sure I’ll be fine. Even if I’m living in the “hipster-part” of the capital, even if I live with my friends, and even if I don’t live anywhere (will probably write a post about this later – so keep your eyes peeled for that!). I can handle it, even if I’m super scared for the future and kind of hate time passing. I think my introvertness will handle living with other introverts in the future, and that feels great. I’m not as scared anymore.

~ J