Two nights together

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This last weekend, we jumped on a train to leave our small, boring and every-day-ish city for the bigger, more exciting and inspiring capital. We talked about it for a while, and then we decided to just do it, just leave. Some friends of my family owns a tiny apartment in the capital and when I asked they said that we could borrow it for two nights! Yay!

I have to admit I was kind of scared… And there are a few reasons for this. What if we started hating each other? We often stay at each other’s place, but that’s only one night and most of the times we split up after spending a day or two. And now we were suppose to live together for two nights and almost two entire days. It really isn’t that much, but the flat is really tiny so we’re living so close, so tightly. I mean, M and I traveled to another country together this summer for a week and that worked out great, so I really didn’t have to be scared and I knew that, but now we were four people and that’s kind of different… And we’re all kind of introverted.

But what made me even more scared was… What if we didn’t start hating each other? What if it was so much fun and so different from my normal life that I afterwards wanted to live with them for real? After M and I traveled together I immediately knew that I wanted to do that again, and again and again… And we are going to, I’m sure (with K as well, of course!). It made me realise traveling with friends is amazing. What if this weekend getaway made me realise I want to live with friends as well? And how will that work out in our uncertain future?

So; how did it go, then? Did we kill each other or did I start looking for an apartment for all of us?

Neither. It was amazing. The best thing, kinda. And I really think we could live together in the future, absolutely. But the fact that none of us know anything about what we’ll be doing this fall, I realise living together might not be happening yet, at least not a “full time”-living-together. I think we all figured out how it would be to live with other people (that’s not your family), both the positives and the negatives. And I’ve always been kinda certain about wanting to live completely on my own first, and I guess that made me even more scared, scared that the only thing I knew I wanted in the future was going to change…

But I also found out that I can handle the future. Whatever happens, I’m now sure I’ll be fine. Even if I’m living in the “hipster-part” of the capital, even if I live with my friends, and even if I don’t live anywhere (will probably write a post about this later – so keep your eyes peeled for that!). I can handle it, even if I’m super scared for the future and kind of hate time passing. I think my introvertness will handle living with other introverts in the future, and that feels great. I’m not as scared anymore.

~ J


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