61 days 


So this didn’t work out quite the way I would’ve liked it to do. 61 days since my last post. I’m trying really hard to figure out why. Maybe it’s because of all the other stuff going on. Maybe I’ve been too busy with life. There’s not enough time to escape anymore. School is really killing me, all of us really. It’s our senior year before university and they’re really trying to suck the life out of us. But we manage, somehow. At least I think we do. There’s nothing we can do but keep on going. And yet, I still escape but in different ways. TV-series. Films. Even cleaning my room becomes a way to escape my homework. 

But what frustrates me the most is that the thing that was suppose to be a place to escape to became something to escape from. This blog became the thing it was never meant to be. I was meant as a safe haven. A place where it was okey to just ramble. And then it wasn’t. I guess I made it into something that I had to do, instead of just letting it be. Am I making any sense at all? Well, I can at least find some comfort in knowing I still have what it takes to be a rambler. 



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