Vegan Sweets


My latest post was about trying to eat healthy and now I’m finding myself writing this about vegan sweets… Wow. Anyhow, I have a massive sweet tooth and my snacking game is on point – I actually think about food almost always. It’s almost weird.

Since I’m now on a completely plant-based diet, I’m looking for new sweet things to snack on. It’s not a problem, not even that difficult, since I’m kinda in love and obsessed with fruit… BUT there are sweets that I now no longer eat, and I’m constantly on the look out for new things to replace them.

I recently placed a small order for some snacks from a website that had almost everything when it comes to organic food (not everything is vegan though, but a lot of it is!) and there was also a sale at the time which is of course a huge plus!

Here’s what I got:

BEAR – arctic paws; raspberry & blueberry

BEAR – jungle paws; apple & blackcurrant

VIVANI – white nougat crisp rice choc

VIVANI – dark nougat croccante

This is not really meant to be a review but I thought I would say sometime about these. (I also ordered some dried mango but I kinda already ate them… LOVE IT!)

I have already tried some other things from this company, and I have to say… They are always super delicious! I don’t know if I’ve tried these specific sweets before but I do think so. (I’m saving them for bringing as snacks to an important test or a long work day or something!) The sweets from this company are so good and they contain no weird stuff and that’s great! I don’t think I could get away with calling them healthy but… At least there’s no freaky add-ins! BUT – these are always super expensive, so that’s something to think about… I mean, I would definitely not get this all the time but maybe as a special treat once in a while… And they’re organic so that’s great! (And they were on a discount when I ordered, so try and look for those.)

  These nougat chocolate bars, however, I did actually try just now since I never even heard about these before. And omg, they were so delicious! I couldn’t stop myself from eating both of them… Oops. I meant to save a little for tomorrow but ehm, that’s not possible I’m afraid. Both the dark and white one are amazing and they also work great together since the dark is quite dark and the white is very sweet, so they kind of complement each other. The packages are very small (just as the BEAR ones) but they are also very decadent. Really great, now I want ten more of this! Unlucky they’re also not the cheapest… Oh well! Maybe it’s worth it, at least once in a while, especially when they’re organic and (of course) vegan.


~ J



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