Celebrating a Late Easter + Vegan Carrot Cake! 


… Or I guess calling it celebrating Spring is more accurate in this case. I had to work the entire Easter weekend basically, which was fine with me. My family also had guests so we decided to celebrate a bit late when I didn’t have work and our guests had gone home – which meant today! My grandparents also came to visit, and it was just a really nice time. The weather today probably helped a lot with me feeling very Spring-like!

I got up pretty early today to bake a cake (in my opinion the only correct way of ever celebrating something! hehe). A few days ago, during a break from work, I found this recipe on Pinterest and it just sounded amazing! You have to click the link and see for yourself too, but it’s basically a vegan carrot cake! It’s very similar to the cake I made last year (non-vegan) which was also made from a recipe on the same blog. That cake turned out amazing which was why its vegan counterpart made me super happy! And I can tell you – it did not let me down.

This cake is super soft, moist and packed full of flavour! I also made the “cream cheese” frosting and normally I’m not one for a butter cream based frosting, but this one actually turned out pretty good. It’s of course very sweet, as most frostings are, but the lemon juice toned down the sugary flavour and I also added some lime zest for some extra freshness (is that a word? now it is). 

I also decided to go for not frosting the entire cake and only covering the top and icing inbetween the cake layers. I’ve seen a lot of “naked” cakes on the interwebz lately, and I also thought the cake didn’t need any more frosting (I put quite a lot of frosting on top though…).

As you can see I also made some cake topper in the form of tiny bunting. I wish I would’ve taken more pictures of the process of making it but oh well. I wanted to add something on top but without adding more flavours or additional sweetness – and of course not the small Easter eggs I added last year since they’re non-vegan as well. So I made this and it was super easy! Just grab some scrap fabric, scissors, superglue, string and a pair of skewers. I’m really happy with my cake topper actually. 


(I hereby promise my next post won’t be about food, baking, cooking or sweet things… And maybe the next post here won’t be from me either? Can’t promise anything though. I find myself escaping from a lot of things right now, escaping to writing posts and posting stuff here instead…)

~ J



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