1st of April


As you know, it’s the first of april today. Although, this day is probably famous as April Fool’s Day. A year ago on this day, we (M and J) had a presentation in school. We got to choose a subject to talk about ourselves and we thought the most appropriate considering the date was to pick Pranks and April Fool’s Jokes! We presented some facts and talked a bit about the history of this special day, and we also made some quizzes. It was super fun and the presentation went quite well. So, we thought that we would give you some inspiration for pranks and jokes to pull this April Fool’s (a bit late though, but I mean, if not this year – maybe next year, or just any day, right?). As we’re not really big fans of the mean-disgusting-life-ruining-pranks spreading on the Internet lately, we hereby present fun and imaginative ways to prank and pull jokes on your friends:

  • cover something of theirs (think car, room, house, inside of fridge…) in post-it notes in fun colours!
  • put plastic cups filled with water EVERYWHERE (maybe you understand we watch ThatcherJoe on YouTube…)
  • make strangers/your friends whom they don’t know tell them a random word or sentence throughout the entire day, something to just confuse them (works well in school or workplace, or just trough texts)
  • fill a room or a locker with balloons (we did this for K’s birthday last year!)
  • buy someone a plane ticket and take them to the airport to give them a last minute surprise trip to a cool place! (this of course require the money and time… but this would be the best surprise ever)


So, what do we know about April Fool’s Day? Before doing the presentation; almost nothing. And now, our memories are failing us a little, but we have some of the notes! Apparently, ancient cultures used to celebrate New Year’s Day on April 1st. Pope Gregory  the 14th ordered to replace the old calendar with a new one. According to the new calendar the new year began on the 1st of January. Some people continued to celebrate New Year’s Day on April 1st and they were made fun of, hence April Fool’s Day which is also known as All Fool’s Day.

Here is the quiz we made, the key to this is further down in this post:

Is this an actual April Fool’s joke or not? (Yes means it’s a joke that has actually been made on April 1st. No means it’s a joke we made up.)

  1. In 1983 a Professor in Boston claimed that the April fool´s day was invented when Konstantin , as a joke, allowed a group of jesters and fools to run the empire for a day. And the professor said that this is why it’s called April fool’s day. Yes            No
  2. In 1957, BBC news announced that the Swiss were harvesting their spaghetti from trees thanks to the mild winter.        Yes      No
  3. In 1987 the newspaper The Times made an announcement which claimed that the Queen wanted Buckingham Palace to be painted pink.      Yes     No
  4. In 1962 when Sweden only had one TV channel in black and white a technical expert announced that you could get instant colour TV by pulling a nylon stocking over the TV screen.  Yes    No
  5. There once was a French aviator who dropped what appeared to be a bomb in a German camp (during one of the world wars). The germans were terrified and scattered immediately in all directions. This ”bomb” was actually a football with a note saying ”April Fool’s”.          Yes      No
  6. In 1998 an article was posted claiming the Alabama state voted to change the value of pi from 3.141592… to 3.0    Yes    No
  7. A British scientist said that due to the combination of molecules in a cucumber they were impossible to freeze. This is were the idiom ”Cool as a cucumber” comes from.    Yes      No
  8. Three years ago J woke up very early on the first of April and put sticky notes all over her parents’ car.       Yes       No
  9. The year after J.K Rowling published the seventh Harry Potter book, she said that she was going to publish a book series about the Marauders, James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew.         Yes      No
  10. In Australia a news program revealed that the country would start using metric time. For example 100 seconds to a minute and 100 minutes to an hour.    Yes    No

Skärmavbild 2015-03-27 kl. 17.26.11

We also found a mad libs but we never used this for the lesson, and it probably won’t work out if you were to do it here, but here it is anyway… Put down the requested words here first:

adjective: (1)
emotion: (2)
a friend: (3)
adjective: (4)
noun: (5)
type of liquid: (6)
amount of time: (7)
adjective: (8)
costume/character: (9)
emotion: (10)
place: (11)
noun: (12)
funny phrase: (13)
sound: (14)
noun: (15)
place full of people: (16)

And then transfer them to the correlating number in the story below:

Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day, so I am going to be super______ (1) so no one pranks me this time. Every year I am always ______ (2) I am going to get pranked, so this year I am going to plan to prank ______ (3) instead. I am going to need a friend who is very______ (4). First I will cover his/her dorm room in ______ (5). I will then set a ______ (6) on top of the door so it falls when he/she opens the door. Then I will wait ______ (7) until they come back. When they go in their room they are going to be very______ (8) that their room is now completely covered.  While they are in shock, I will come into the room dressed as a ______ (9) and scare them, making them so ______ (10) they scream and fall to the floor. Later I will text my friend to meet me at the ______ (11) but really I will be waiting behind a ______ (12) and pop out to scare them. Finally, I will be known as the prank champion when I stick a note saying ______ (13) on their back without them knowing. But just when I am about to fall asleep believing I have gotten out of being fooled, I hear a ______ (14) and look up to see a huge ______ (15) above my head staring at me and scream, waking the whole ________ (16).


Hope you enjoyed this extra-long post about today’s date! Happy April 1st and… safe pranking!


The answers to the quiz:

1.Yes 2.Yes 3.No 4.Yes 5.Yes 6.Yes 7.No 8.No 9.No 10.Yes


/J and M


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