Why I love food


I love cooking, and I love food, and I think I always have. When I was younger, I used to help my parents with the cooking and baking. We had a huge, bright kitchen (I remember it as huge but I don’t know since I don’t live there anymore) and I think my sister and I spent a lot of time there while my parents were cooking or baking, and then we started helping as well. When I was maybe about five or six years old, my dad and I decided to try and compile a cook book. The only difficult part was that most of the time we improvised and it was hard to replicate those kind of dishes.. I remember painting pictures of all the food and putting the book together with a lot of colours to decorate and ribbons to hold the papers. I think my mum’s recipes of cinnamon buns and other baked goods were suppose to be in the book as well (those recipes were always a lot more organized and easier to follow).

I think this is why I have quite a good relationship with cooking. I’ve almost always done it and I still love it, both cooking and baking are some of my favourite things to do when I’ve got time on my hands (or when I don’t… oops). It relaxes me quite a lot because it just gets my mind off of everything else, if only just for a moment, or for even longer depending on how much time the food/dessert requires.

Some people would say going vegan or following a plant-based diet would narrow down your options of food and making it difficult to prepare and cook food. I don’t necessarily think that’s true. There is so much food, so many recipes, so much to eat that doesn’t hurt animals or destroy our planet completely… SO MUCH! Of course, as always when you exclude certain things of your diet, you might have to find replacements and new foods, but I find that great. I still love cooking and baking, even though I’m a vegan. It clearly hasn’t affected any of that in a bad way; it actually made me more interested in what I eat and how I prepare it.

It’s funny how whenever you read up on Zodiac signs, the most frequent thing about Taurus (as well as being stubborn, loyal, down to earth etc) that pops up is the love for food. I sometimes find it annoying, but most of the time I think to myself how it’s actually kind of true.



This is my staple dish when I don’t know what to eat or cook for lunch/dinner. I always try to keep the ingredients for this at hand so I can just put them together in a pan and let it simmer for a while, and suddenly I have something delicious to eat! (for this i use things like lentils, canned chopped tomatoes, beans, carrots or other vegetables and sometimes coconut milk)



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