Sehr Berlin

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In about two hours, my bus leaves to take me to the airport. I’m going to Berlin for a few days with a friend. I’m excited, I’ve never really been to Berlin before (only switched trains there once, and we only had about 3 hours there).

Of what I’ve read and heard, Berlin is supposed to be a vegan’s dream. And since I also like vintage second hand shopping, hipster-y neighbourhoods and cool street art, I feel like this European capital will suit me perfectly. At least, this is what I imagine Berlin being like.

My bags are (almost) 100% packed, but I feel like I’ve forgotten everything. I don’t really like leaving in the afternoon, but what can you do?

I hope me being me won’t ruin this trip, meaning my hangry-ness won’t be too bad and I won’t be tired and annoyed all the time. It’s sad but I get those moments (or days… or even longer) when I can tell I’m the worst, I’m so boring, so annoyed and annoying and just… the worst traveling companion, but I can’t do anything about it. This trip however, I’ve decided to do my absolute best to be my true happy, travel crazy, adventurous (more or less), fun self. I’m gonna get a few snacks and protein bars as soon as possible and keep as my emergency snack stack (after all, the way to my happiness is through my stomach, and I am a legit snack-provider while traveling).

I should probably finish up my packing and then eat some lunch. Anything to prevent being HANGRY already the first few hours of the trip.

My plan is to make a post about Berlin when I get back home. We’ll see about that, but hopefully I will tell you all about the great vegan food and other fun stuff.

Don’t miss me too much (heavy sarcasm, it’s only a few days…)!



J’s Summer Reading Plans


Now that school is finally over and I’m officially in summer mode (bring out the fruit drinks, sunglasses and bathing suits everybody!) I am planning on reading a lot more. I blame the excessive amount of stress school caused for not reading lately. My love for books survived the recent reading-break however, and this summer I will try and prioritize books over other things with less life-altering value. So I thought to motivating myself even more, I would post a list of some books I plan to read this summer (or at least in a nearby future):

  • the Harry Potter-series (I plan on re-reading as many of them as I can!)
  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (If I decide on reading it before seeing the play)
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray (started reading it but never finished it)
  • Allegiant (!!! I’ve put this off for quite some time now)
  • Fangirl (read Eleanor&Park a while back and loved it!)
  • Anna and the French Kiss (M recommended it!)
  • On the Other Side (I adore Carrie and this book seems amazing)


I know for some this list is very short, and for others it might be very long (in fact I think for me it is too long and I probably have too much faith in my own fast-reading abilities) but I actually don’t care… I will mainly just use this list as inspiration, and I hope it might inspire others to check out a few of the books or start reading more! Happy Summer!


and pictures are proof


I think I’ve mentioned it here before, but if I haven’t: photos and videos are very important to me, especially when I’m traveling. I get the whole “wanting to experience the moment first-handed, not through looking at a screen to get the perfect shot”, but at the same time, if there’s a way for me to remember and cherish how incredible a moment is – why not? And as long as you don’t let your inner travel photographer take over your trip completely, I don’t really see a problem with it. (I apply this to concerts and shows as well, fun to have some parts on film to remember, but not fun to just look through my phone and not seize the moment to actually experience it! There’s a fine line…)

Anyway, how I come to think of this was… I was actually trying to figure out what to blog about, probably trying too hard to find an interesting topic, when I realized that I have so many photos from our trip to Britain last summer! And not only photos, but videos especially! I might have lost my memory card with everything from China and other places (for now at least) but I still have everything that’s on my phone. My goal was to put everything I filmed together into a proper video, but even though I actually made YouTube videos before (or tried… multiple times) I’m not very good at getting those kinds of things done. I just looked through the footage and.. wow. It’s so unreal, we’re actually moving there this autumn? Really? Wow! I want to go now. Sometimes I forget how much I loved it there, how much it felt like home. That’s when I get the most scared and unsure about our decision to move there. Is it the right choice to leave everything I know as my reality now, to get to this new uncertain place with no place to live or work, without friends or family close (except for my favourite friends M and K of course, and they do a really good job of replacing both other friends and family)?

Next time I get this scared for the future, I’ll only have to look through the footage again and I’ll be certain. This is the right choice. I might be giving up everything I know for a while, but it’s for the best reasons – to find my place, give my wander heart what it wants and most importantly… to be happy.

(And who knows? Maybe there’ll be a video with everything I filmed in London/Brighton last year, very soon? We’ll see what I can do… Until then – here are some photos!)


Vegan Raspberry Rhubarb Cake


So, I’ve recently decided that one of my most true and relevant life mottos is “It’s not a real Birthday without cake”. It’s a great motto to use as an excuse to bake something fun, and of course “cake” can be substituted by anything.  I was on my way home on Monday, chatting with a friend, and we both decided we wanted to bake something. The day after that, this Tuesday, was my mum’s birthday so I baked this amazing and super summery (and vegan) cake!

(This post is not a complete recipe, just a run-down of how I compiled it!)

So, the sponge (cake-part) I made using this simple recipe I found on Pinterest. It made a really soft and moist sponge. Even though it turned out a bit thin I sliced it in half using a thread. Remember to let it cool before putting the cake together! Then, I made raspberry and rhubarb “jam” by just heating a few handfuls of frozen raspberries and a couple of stalks of rhubarb cut into pieces, I also added some sugar and thickened it with potato starch mixed with water. While letting that cool as well, I whipped up some soy whipping cream (so yummy). And theeeen it was time to put the cake together!

I spread a fairly thin layer of whipped cream on the bottom part of the cake and then added a thicker layer of the jam. Then I added the second half of the cake and spread some more whipped cream on top. I decided to not cover it completely (still feeling inspired by the almost-naked cakes) and really focused the cream on the top of the cake. One small-ish packet of soy whipping cream was just enough but I used a lot of whipping cream, my mum loves it. This cake actually united some of her favourite flavours (cream, raspberry, rhubarb).

I decorated the top of the cake some more with ribbons of rhubarb (just slice thin slices using a potato peeler or cheese grater with bigger “blades” and sprinkle with sugar, then gently pat dry). I think it turned out quite cool and somewhat fancy-looking, even though it kind of looked like red tinted spaghetti!

This cake is so summery, fresh and light – and not overly sweet! I like it, try it!