Vegan Raspberry Rhubarb Cake


So, I’ve recently decided that one of my most true and relevant life mottos is “It’s not a real Birthday without cake”. It’s a great motto to use as an excuse to bake something fun, and of course “cake” can be substituted by anything.  I was on my way home on Monday, chatting with a friend, and we both decided we wanted to bake something. The day after that, this Tuesday, was my mum’s birthday so I baked this amazing and super summery (and vegan) cake!

(This post is not a complete recipe, just a run-down of how I compiled it!)

So, the sponge (cake-part) I made using this simple recipe I found on Pinterest. It made a really soft and moist sponge. Even though it turned out a bit thin I sliced it in half using a thread. Remember to let it cool before putting the cake together! Then, I made raspberry and rhubarb “jam” by just heating a few handfuls of frozen raspberries and a couple of stalks of rhubarb cut into pieces, I also added some sugar and thickened it with potato starch mixed with water. While letting that cool as well, I whipped up some soy whipping cream (so yummy). And theeeen it was time to put the cake together!

I spread a fairly thin layer of whipped cream on the bottom part of the cake and then added a thicker layer of the jam. Then I added the second half of the cake and spread some more whipped cream on top. I decided to not cover it completely (still feeling inspired by the almost-naked cakes) and really focused the cream on the top of the cake. One small-ish packet of soy whipping cream was just enough but I used a lot of whipping cream, my mum loves it. This cake actually united some of her favourite flavours (cream, raspberry, rhubarb).

I decorated the top of the cake some more with ribbons of rhubarb (just slice thin slices using a potato peeler or cheese grater with bigger “blades” and sprinkle with sugar, then gently pat dry). I think it turned out quite cool and somewhat fancy-looking, even though it kind of looked like red tinted spaghetti!

This cake is so summery, fresh and light – and not overly sweet! I like it, try it!



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