J’s Summer Reading Plans


Now that school is finally over and I’m officially in summer mode (bring out the fruit drinks, sunglasses and bathing suits everybody!) I am planning on reading a lot more. I blame the excessive amount of stress school caused for not reading lately. My love for books survived the recent reading-break however, and this summer I will try and prioritize books over other things with less life-altering value. So I thought to motivating myself even more, I would post a list of some books I plan to read this summer (or at least in a nearby future):

  • the Harry Potter-series (I plan on re-reading as many of them as I can!)
  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (If I decide on reading it before seeing the play)
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray (started reading it but never finished it)
  • Allegiant (!!! I’ve put this off for quite some time now)
  • Fangirl (read Eleanor&Park a while back and loved it!)
  • Anna and the French Kiss (M recommended it!)
  • On the Other Side (I adore Carrie and this book seems amazing)


I know for some this list is very short, and for others it might be very long (in fact I think for me it is too long and I probably have too much faith in my own fast-reading abilities) but I actually don’t care… I will mainly just use this list as inspiration, and I hope it might inspire others to check out a few of the books or start reading more! Happy Summer!



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