No fog and no dreams for me


And so it came; the day. The day that were to change our lives, for ever. An anticipated day, nonetheless. I must admit it scared the living shit out of me (don’t know how shit can live but here we are). What I am talking about is J and M’s move to London; city of fog and dreams. It’s funny how something that is so far away suddenly is here, in a split second or two.

They have been in London for over two weeks now and I have to say that I am very happy for them. It would have been strange if I wasn’t since they are the best friends a girl like me could ever dream of having. But alas, one can always feel more than one feeling at once. How I miss them. And envy them. And just want to laugh with them again. Face to face. I am sorry FaceTime but you just can’t live up to the real thing, with your bad reception and infinit pixels.

But the emotion which I feel the most is the general feeling of being lost. What am I to do with life? I don’t study and I don’t have a job (hopefully I will, soon). Not that my entire world spun around J and M but it’s still really confusing. But maybe, just maybe, everything happens for a reason and that the Universe has a plan and a reson for this. At least that’s want I will tell myself whenever I think about it (which is all the time). I really need to find a hobby or something…

IMG_3384 kopia.JPG

With the obvious danger of sounding completely cliché but maybe they moved so that I could find my own way; on my own. Yep, definitely a huge, mega cliché. Or perhaps it’s a giga-cliché?

Hopefully J and M will be posting something about their new adventure real soon. But finding jobs and somewhere to live trumps this little escape I guess. Well, I think it’s time for me to get on with my knitting now; the hobby search has just begun!



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