Two years – still going strong!


In May I celebrated one year being vegan, which may or may not be something that will only be celebrated in May (see what I did there). But, alas I have something to celebrate related to my diet today as well. On this very day, two years ago, I said goodbye to meat and hello to a vegetarian lifestyle. And even though I’ve since then gone a step further (and may I say in the right direction?) I still like to celebrate this day. Because this day, this decision, was a stepping stone towards the greater thing; veganism. I have no doubt I eventually would’ve ended up vegan but I still find this step worth celebrating.

Last year I celebrated the day with a smashing selfie (what else?) and an ironic text saying I would celebrate with a bloody steak. As if. This year I just want to share this day with you guys. Well, to be honest I’ll probably post another selfie, I can’t help it, I just want to be a little bit proud today.

So to all of you who are vegans and vegetarians; keep up the good work! If you’re vegan – awesome and if you’re vegetarian – have you heard about veganism (and yes, you’re still awesome)? Today, and everyday is a day to celebrate our enlightenment! So let’s spread the word! Want to be awesome? – go vegan! I cannot stress this enough! (and therefore using a lot of exclamation marks). If we can, so can everyone. Let’s do what Gandhi said: let’s be the change we want to see in the world (I’m a bit vegancheezy, I admit). Let’s never stop #veganchalkchallenge and all the other fun and beautiful things we do for our fellow animals. Today. Tomorrow. For ever.

IMG_3507 kopia.JPG

(Please do enjoy one of Earth’s lovely creatures; the peacock)



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