Three Girls, One blog, 366 Days

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This time last year J, K and I were sitting in our favourite cafe and planning exactly what this blog called escapecolumn actually was. After a few hours we had named some categories, figured out what we were going to call ourselves and slowly started writing the about us section. We introduced ourselves as two parts vegan and one part vegetarian, we told you that this was our place to escape and hopefully you would find yourself escaping here too. So what has changed in the last 366 days?

Well the biggest thing must have been us graduating from high school, not only because it’s a big milestone in anyone’s life but also because it lead to J and I being able to move countries and start exploring the exciting London life (of course missing K so much) and K working towards her goals as well. Another exciting change is that we were no longer able to decribe ourselves as only two parts vegan, because shortly after the first blogpost the escape columnists became a 100% vegan group. 

Throughout the year we have posted a lot of different posts. Sometimes there would be a long paus when school and life just became too much and we didn’t have time to escape as much, thankfully J always likes cooking and baking and wanted to share her recipes with you! Over all I do think we have had a good year and I think all of us have discovered that having a blog together may be a struggle sometimes but it is also a lot of fun! 

So too our dear readers, I hope you are as excited as I am for the coming year of blogposts!

➢ M