Another Year, Another Blogmas


Last year’s Christmas Day turns into the day after Christmas, and days turn into months that turn into a new year, until suddenly it’s December once again. Today is the start of the Christmas month, and we are very excited! Last year, we did Blogmas and it turned out very successful. Sure, maybe we missed a few posts or filled some in afterward, but nonetheless we posted lots of festive and non-festive posts throughout December, up until the 24th. And sure, it might have been stressful at times but that is what preparing for Christmas is suppose to be like, right? Kidding, of course. But Blogmas truly was so much fun, very inspiring and full of Christmas joy! So, why not make it a tradition on this blog? For something to be a tradition it needs to be done at least twice… That means, we’re attempting Blogmas again this year! One new blogpost every day up until Christmas, weather they are festive or not. And of course, just as last year, Blogmas is about pushing ourselves and trying our best, so yeah… Trying is still the keyword!
We really hope you’re as excited as we are. Happy December 1st, and we will see you with a new post tomorrow! 

/J,K and M


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