Dreamy London Winter Dates

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I love London. One of the many reasons is that this city is endless. Endless inspiration, endless life, endless fun. And – most importantly, at least for this post.. – endless date material! When we moved here, I started following a few blogs and Facebook pages (I know, shocker, not only my parents use that old social media..) so now I constantly see posts about “the 10 best ice rinks in London this winter!”, “these interesting pop-up bars will blow your mind” and endless pictures of all the Christmassy parks and lit-up streets.

The fact that we also slowly but surely start to figure out favourite places to go and things to do, gives me even more material for this blog post! So here is the list of London winter dates I’d love, weather I’ve actually been on any of them or not is up to you to judge (who am I trying to fool, really?). By the way, a side note is that “dates” doesn’t necessarily mean romantic ones. You can spend one of these dates with your BFF, squad (lol), pet, or why not just by yourself? So yeah. I might have been on a few of these, but so looking forward to doing more!

  • Ice skating! There are loads of cute places, including Hyde park and the one by Tower of London. If you want less of the cold, maybe inside of Westfield Shepherd’s Bush? Or try BUMP by Southbank, it’s a roller disco place and it looks amazing.
  • Southbank stroll! While we’re talking about BUMP, the rest of Southbank is amazing, with Christmas market, beautiful view, Rekorderlig Cider Lodge, etc. It’s my favourite place right now!
  • Walk through lit-up parks! I’ve heard so much about both Hampstead Heath and Kew Garden! 
  • Cute café chill out! I barely want to say this but ScooterCaffe. So great.
  • Winter Wonderland! In Hyde park, and the rest of Hyde park is amazing.
  • Christmas markets! There’s loads, and other markets are also great, like Camden market and Spitalfield market.
  • Starbucks date! When can you go wrong with Starbucks? Especially with all their winter Christmas specials (more about these later maybe? 😉 ) that you can make vegan!
  • Boat ride on Thames!  Might be cold but yes. Either on the River transport between stations for some easy transport combined with sightseeing, or there are a bunch of other cool things like dinner or drinks on Thames.
  • More Christmas lights+shopping! Check out the lights on Oxford street or Regent streets, etc. Or swing by Harrods for extra sparkle!
  • Theatre/cinema! So many amazing films and plays right now, i.e. Fantastic Beasts! I’ve also heard about some “outside” cinemas that are open in winter too.
  • Skyline bars/roof top bars! Who can anyone be anything than happy of seeing the breathtaking view of London? And there’s of course always London Eye too!
  • Christmas tree shopping! Just too cute – and the smell!
  • Pop-up winter shops/cafés etc! Check out secretldn.com for full list!

Most of these are very specific to right now in London, but even if you’re not in this magical city right now, you can find your own sparkle and hopefully this inspired you! There will also be a post very soon about more general inspirations for dates and activities for the winter time! 

~ J


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