Vegan Guide to Christmas At Starbucks 

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As I recently started working at Starbucks I have become a bit familiar with the drinks (or at least the ones we have in/at my Starbucks). Therefore I thought that I would make it easy for all vegan Christmas/ Starbucks lovers. 

So what are the Christmas drinks and how do you make them vegan? 

Lets start with the basics like gingerbread latte, toffee nut latte and Christmas blend latte. All you have to do to make them vegan is to choose either soy or coconut milk instead of the regular semi-skimmed milk.

Unfortunately for all you eggnog lovers the eggnog latte is made with actual eggnog milk, not just a syrup, so you can’t make a vegan version of it. The same goes for the new White Christmas Hot Chocolate as the white chocolate mix contains milk. But if you want to try the Christmas cake syrup you can always add that one to any other drink!

Another Christmas drink is Fudge Hot Chocolate (FHC), it is usually made with a pre made chocolate mix that contains milk, but if you still want a similar experience you can ask for a classic hot chocolate with coconut/soy milk, fudge syrup and no cream. Personally I like it!

Besides the promotional festive drinks you can always choose to add some syrups to your regular drink and still get into the Christmas spirit. One of my favourites is classic hot chocolate with coconut milk and peppermint syrup (no cream). There is also cinnamon syrup which I have yet to try but I imagine it might give you some warm festive feelings.

For the ones who prefer cold drinks you can always ask for any of these drinks iced and most of them can be made into a frappuccino.

So which vegan Christmas drink is my favourite? I think I would have to say either a gingerbread latte with coconut milk, no cream or as I mentioned before a classic hot chocolate with coconut milk and peppermint syrup (and for the last time) no cream!

I hope you fellow vegan coffe/Starbucks/ Christmas lovers enjoyed this and found it helpful.

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