Dreamy Winter Dates – Everywhere!

Adventure, Inspiration

As promised, here is the list of my favourite dates during winter, a bit less “London-only” (but if you’re in this cool city, check out this too!). I hope that this inspires you, or that you find a few that you would like to go on. Tailor them to location, likes and date, and you’re set!

  • Winter picnic! Picnics are always so great, so put on your warm clothes, stock up on some warm drinks and snacks! And head out in the winter evening, to a cool (literally) location. And if it’s too cold for you….
  • Indoor picnic! As I said. Picnics always work. Even inside, with blankets etc!
  • Christmas markets! Favourite. Will get you in a great Christmassy mood, just seeing all the happy people, great food and decorations.
  • Parks and lights! Not only in London are the lit up parks and streets amazing.
  • Café dates! Just as mentioned earlier, Starbucks is great, but so are also other cafes, and when are cafes not a good bet?
  • Explore in the cold! Go somewhere new in the cold! Adventure. Get lost.
  • Christmas tree shopping! So cute, the smell, the greenery, the trees!
  • Bake or cook together! Ehehe, probably mostly because I love it.
  • Sledding/skiing/etc! Go on, go out, get cold, have fun, and then get warm inside again. After ski, anyone? Snow might be a requirement though.
  • Snow everything! IF you have snow, build snowman, snowforts, or have a snowball war? Same as above, basically.
  • DIY hot chocolate bar! Make your own hot chocolate with all the toppings!
  • Christmas/winter party! If you’re anything like me, hosting parties are awesome.
  • Christmas films! Cosy up with films, snacks, pillows, dimmed lights. Perf.

Aw, now I just want to drink hot chocolate, curl up under a blanket and watch 1000 Christmas films.

~ J


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