My own Christmas music

Enjoyment, Inspiration

Throughout December (actually it all begins in mid-November…) the radio stations terrorises us (read me) with awful Christmas music. I’m sorry but I can’t stand the “All I want’s”, “Red-nosed” and “Last Christmases”. So this year I will make my own Christmas music. Correction; I will listen to selected music during December thus making it Christmas music.

I know it probably doesn’t make much sense but I gave this idea some thought and now I’m practicing it. The Christmas music of 2016  consists of five records:

  • Dirty Dancing (The Original Soundtrack)
  • More Dirty Dancing (Even more music from the film Dirty Dancing)
  • Hair (The Original Soundtrack from the musical Hair)
  • Flashdance (The Original Soundtrack)
  • Top Gun (The Original Soundtrack)

And there you have it. Don’t ask me why it’s so 70’s and 80’s; I don’t know either. So if you’re like me just remember – you can make your own Christmas music!



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