And Winter Came – Finally


It’s finally here and I’m so freakin’ happy! This weekend it snowed (non stop two days snowing I’m in heaven). One thing you should know about me is that I absolutely love snow – it’s the reason winter is my favourite out of the four seasons! And if you were here for Blogmas 2015 you most certainly already knew that (I think I wrote four posts in which snow was somewhat involved).

For me there is no winter without snow. Snow is so many things; joy, laughter, excitement and fun! You can build snow-people (calling it a snow”man” seems a bit outdated), make snow angels and go sledding down steep snow coated hills! My neighbours has build a gargantuous (I love that word) snow-person outside their house; it must be 2.5 metres high. Now that’s a truly spectacular achievement!


IMG_9349.JPGLastly I would like to wish you a very happy day (whether or not you too have snow).



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