The Massive Blogmas Fail

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So what happened to Blogmas M? Work? Yes I have to admit that it was a big part of me not writing a new blogpost every third day… I’m still trying to get used to the fact that I’m working full time in a relatively new city. It’s hard balancing that and a creative life, at least for now.

And there has also been the fact that I don’t really know what to write…

Last year my bedroom was all Christmassy and I felt inspired just lying in my bed. This year we live somewhere else. A new place where I have never celebrated Christmas before and as Christmas is a season of tradition (at least in some sense), you always eat the same food, decorate the tree with the same decorations, everything is predictable and safe. But this year is different… Our room is beginning to get Christmassy with our crooked but perfect Christmas tree Newt, and when we have days of J and I are always listening to Christmas music whilst eating either mince pies (waitrose essential are vegan) or ginger bread. 

I guess when it comes down to it I have just had some trouble visualising Christmas this year, but fourtunately I’m getting there!

➢ M


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