Commercialising Christmas vs Love Language


I think I’ve mentioned it before, but now that I’m noticing it even more, I just have to write about it. Christmas is not only about gifts. It is always complained about on social media, regular media etc. how Christmas is so over hyped when it comes to gifts, presents and money. And I agree so much, I really do, I hate how kids only love Christmas because of gifts, I hate the pressure, the stress, the money. But. Yes. There’s a but to this. Christmas (for me at least, maybe for others too) is about being grateful for what you have i.e. people around you, traditions, spending time with family and showing that you love them. This is very important and I think I’ve come to realise how much I love that and how much that goes in to my love for Christmas.

Another thing I realised a while back is that my love language (or one of them, you can have multiple) is gift giving. It’s so obvious. I show appreciation, love and thanks by gifts, surprises etc. Realising this made everything so much easier. I don’t feel as bad when I partake in the whole “yay Christmas shopping, gifts, but everything!!” thing. Yeah I think it’s bad and I know I’m very privileged to even be able to do things like this, but that’s every day, all year round. I’m not trying to justify things (or maybe I am), I’m just saying it’s way easier for me to spend money (or time, I do like to DIY a lot) on others instead of myself and that is okay.

You might think that there are other ways in which I could show my love; gifts are not necessary for loving someone. True. And trust me, I have other ways too. It’s not like I only give gifts and think that’s enough, promise. And I’m not at all saying you should have to buy nice gifts or spend loads of money, the contrary. Finding your own way is great. It just comes very natural to me to give, and I really do live for the feeling of making people happy by giving them something (small or big) that they wouldn’t necessarily treat themselves to, just because I want to show them how worthy, beautiful, sparkling, amazing, important, just great they really are. And if that’s commercialising Christmas for you, I’m sorry.



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