Dreamy Winter Dates – Everywhere!

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As promised, here is the list of my favourite dates during winter, a bit less “London-only” (but if you’re in this cool city, check out this too!). I hope that this inspires you, or that you find a few that you would like to go on. Tailor them to location, likes and date, and you’re set!

  • Winter picnic! Picnics are always so great, so put on your warm clothes, stock up on some warm drinks and snacks! And head out in the winter evening, to a cool (literally) location. And if it’s too cold for you….
  • Indoor picnic! As I said. Picnics always work. Even inside, with blankets etc!
  • Christmas markets! Favourite. Will get you in a great Christmassy mood, just seeing all the happy people, great food and decorations.
  • Parks and lights! Not only in London are the lit up parks and streets amazing.
  • Café dates! Just as mentioned earlier, Starbucks is great, but so are also other cafes, and when are cafes not a good bet?
  • Explore in the cold! Go somewhere new in the cold! Adventure. Get lost.
  • Christmas tree shopping! So cute, the smell, the greenery, the trees!
  • Bake or cook together! Ehehe, probably mostly because I love it.
  • Sledding/skiing/etc! Go on, go out, get cold, have fun, and then get warm inside again. After ski, anyone? Snow might be a requirement though.
  • Snow everything! IF you have snow, build snowman, snowforts, or have a snowball war? Same as above, basically.
  • DIY hot chocolate bar! Make your own hot chocolate with all the toppings!
  • Christmas/winter party! If you’re anything like me, hosting parties are awesome.
  • Christmas films! Cosy up with films, snacks, pillows, dimmed lights. Perf.

Aw, now I just want to drink hot chocolate, curl up under a blanket and watch 1000 Christmas films.

~ J


Dreamy London Winter Dates

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I love London. One of the many reasons is that this city is endless. Endless inspiration, endless life, endless fun. And – most importantly, at least for this post.. – endless date material! When we moved here, I started following a few blogs and Facebook pages (I know, shocker, not only my parents use that old social media..) so now I constantly see posts about “the 10 best ice rinks in London this winter!”, “these interesting pop-up bars will blow your mind” and endless pictures of all the Christmassy parks and lit-up streets.

The fact that we also slowly but surely start to figure out favourite places to go and things to do, gives me even more material for this blog post! So here is the list of London winter dates I’d love, weather I’ve actually been on any of them or not is up to you to judge (who am I trying to fool, really?). By the way, a side note is that “dates” doesn’t necessarily mean romantic ones. You can spend one of these dates with your BFF, squad (lol), pet, or why not just by yourself? So yeah. I might have been on a few of these, but so looking forward to doing more!

  • Ice skating! There are loads of cute places, including Hyde park and the one by Tower of London. If you want less of the cold, maybe inside of Westfield Shepherd’s Bush? Or try BUMP by Southbank, it’s a roller disco place and it looks amazing.
  • Southbank stroll! While we’re talking about BUMP, the rest of Southbank is amazing, with Christmas market, beautiful view, Rekorderlig Cider Lodge, etc. It’s my favourite place right now!
  • Walk through lit-up parks! I’ve heard so much about both Hampstead Heath and Kew Garden! 
  • Cute café chill out! I barely want to say this but ScooterCaffe. So great.
  • Winter Wonderland! In Hyde park, and the rest of Hyde park is amazing.
  • Christmas markets! There’s loads, and other markets are also great, like Camden market and Spitalfield market.
  • Starbucks date! When can you go wrong with Starbucks? Especially with all their winter Christmas specials (more about these later maybe? 😉 ) that you can make vegan!
  • Boat ride on Thames!  Might be cold but yes. Either on the River transport between stations for some easy transport combined with sightseeing, or there are a bunch of other cool things like dinner or drinks on Thames.
  • More Christmas lights+shopping! Check out the lights on Oxford street or Regent streets, etc. Or swing by Harrods for extra sparkle!
  • Theatre/cinema! So many amazing films and plays right now, i.e. Fantastic Beasts! I’ve also heard about some “outside” cinemas that are open in winter too.
  • Skyline bars/roof top bars! Who can anyone be anything than happy of seeing the breathtaking view of London? And there’s of course always London Eye too!
  • Christmas tree shopping! Just too cute – and the smell!
  • Pop-up winter shops/cafés etc! Check out secretldn.com for full list!

Most of these are very specific to right now in London, but even if you’re not in this magical city right now, you can find your own sparkle and hopefully this inspired you! There will also be a post very soon about more general inspirations for dates and activities for the winter time! 

~ J

Over A Month

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When I started writing notes for this blog post, we’d been living in London, the city of Fog and Tube, for a month. Right now, it’s been over a month. In some ways this place is still very new, we just arrived with our lives packed up in our 20 kg bags. But in other ways, it feels like we’ve been here forever, it’s almost starting to feel like home (not “home”-home but still somewhat of a home).

It’s really difficult to explain how life has been this month (and a bit). This is an amazingly interesting and new experience. I feel like I’ve already learned a lot, about myself, about London, about other people and about the world.

But I’m not done with London. Will I ever be? Probably not. I can’t imagine leaving yet, how stressful, weird and tiring it has been. Will I ever leave? Probably, but I don’t want to.

There’s still a few (or a bunch of) things we need to sort out or I need to get done. Like a proper home. And my bank account. Etc. But things actually seem to be working out. We both managed to get jobs. We got NI-numbers. We will be fine.

Even though my job that I got here is not the most glamorous or challenging, I really like it and the place is so different, and it works.

It’s cool. Life is cool. But it’s also very strange, and new. I think that is a good thing, in fact. It’s the circle of life. And yes, I am currently listening to Disney music on the Tube to work. Soon I’ll be out in the London fog again.


Vegan Food Guide: Berlin

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Wow, wow, wow, Berlin. This city must be the capital of vegan food! Amazing. Since there’s soooo much for a vegan to eat while in Berlin and I only had a few days there, compiling a vegan food guide seems pretty difficult. But, I just had to try, as I’ve eaten so much delicious plant based food. It was amazingly easy to get hold of, it was almost more rare that they didn’t have vegan options at restaurant than the opposite. And the feeling of going in to a completely vegan place, knowing you can order anything you want – and that everything is free from pain, suffering and murder! As I said, amazing.

So, without further ado, this is my (quite long) list of some places to eat vegan food in Berlin, complete with short reviews and pictures of the food I had! Use it as inspiration, a small guide or just pure eye candy!

lighter food:

DALUMAProcessed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Whenever I go to a place to eat twice when traveling, that’s a real indication that I enjoy the food tremendously. This was probably our favourite place, they had amazing açaibowls (and probably a lot of other amazing dishes) and I found it to be the best place to go and grab a healthy but super delicious breakfast/lunch/snack. We LOVED it. They do both take-away and mega cute nooks to stay and eat your bowl of heavenly goodness. A bit expensive but so so worth it.


SUPERFOODS & ORGANIC LIQUIDSProcessed with VSCO with hb1 preset


Okay, I probably shouldn’t write this right after Daluma, since they have kind of the same type of food… Smoothies, juices, salads, etc. It’s still delicious but I think I preferred Daluma… Although they do actually offer a few different stuff so it’s great to get bigger variety. But still, we went back to Daluma instead even though I loved my juice and smoothiebowl here.



LITTLE GREEN RABBITProcessed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Again, smoothies and juices galore, and amazing as well! But they also serve salads and soups (not all vegan) which looked great. And cool aesthetics! I just had a juice, and it was good. Love everything fruity and juicy.





more foody food:

FAST RABBIT FAST FOODProcessed with VSCO with hb1 preset


So cool, amazing “rolls” and everything is completely vegan. My friend also had a plate of cheese fries, which was quite good. I wanted to eat all the rolls, I believe the pricing was alright! Also close to mauerpark (see below).




DOLORESProcessed with VSCO with hb1 preset

A Mexican place with huge, delicious burritos – and if I remember correctly the price was really good! Quite a few vegan options, and the burritos are very customizable. The picture isn’t really doing the food justice.





LET IT BEProcessed with VSCO with hb1 preset

This is a bit of a tricky one. My friend didn’t like the food here at all but I loved it. They have crepes and pancakes as well as burgers (even though we didn’t try those). As I said, in my opinion, really great crepes and pancakes, everything completely vegan of course.




Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

This is more of a dinner-place and it was so so good. It’s an Asian restaurant that has got a more classy atmosphere and when we asked, our waiter said “yes, everything is vegan, except maybe the espressos”. So yeah, so cool and so tasty! We also had drinks (yeah, also vegan) and I think we had a Hugo and it was great.





Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetSo many delicious vegan options, and you can just ask the nice waiters and they will tell you exactly what vegans options they have. And the little backyard thing was so cozy and cute, and furthermore – the drinks! I had like a cinnamon, spice tea lime drink and it was sooooo good, just as good as the food. Amazing place, all in all.




Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

We’d heard a lot about this dumpling place so we wanted to try it out when we were in the neighbourhood even though we just ate. My friend got a small plate of dumplings and they were amazing. I have some bad experiences with dumplings but I really liked these. So crunchy and full of flavour.




Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Small, hole-in-the-wall type of place. So retro and cool, that there was an old Nintendo 64  with Mario Bros with the correct old school controllers and an old thick TV-screen… Oh, right, the food! The vegan burger was really good, and the curly fries too! Loved it.




other food tips:

FOOD STALLS (MAUERPARK)Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

We met a few really nice people on a bar/club (more about that later, I hope), and we told them about our plans to go to mauerpark flea market and they recommended it. We asked them if there were vegan food there and they kind of laughed a little and said “yeah… loads.” And that was correct. I had korean pancakes (don’t remember the korean name..) which were okay but a lot of food, but there were also a lot of other food. So go here and eat all the food! The japanese waffles looked amazing…!


Berlin have a lot of really nice, small, hole-in-the-wall-types of places and there were lots of small falafel food kiosks. One really close to us, and we wanted to eat there but didn’t have time (I will have to go back… maybe with K and M? plz, lets go). And after a long night out, my friend ate at a falafel place and they seemed to know everything about vegan food and even had vegan sauces and everything! Love falafel ❤

A cute restaurant we kinda ended up at by sheer luck, we were tired and dehydrated, so we stopped here to recharge (not only ourselves but also our phones). Had some really nice lime coolers, and we also saw that they had vegan dishes (asian style I believe!).

You have to go here. Amazing. We are not used to this kind of luxury. They had EVERYTHING when it comes to vegan groceries. A big grocery store (and bakery attached), I wanted to buy and try everything. Loads of exciting food and also a lot of unusual stuff, like vegan marshmallows and vegan “nutella” (my friend bought this, so good). As I said, GO HERE.


Oh wow, this post is a real monster. I didn’t mean for this to be this extensive, but I mean… The food tho! It deserved it. And it’s not really a bad thing. So yeah, hope you enjoyed this! And I can almost promise there will be more posts like this one, since we traveled some more lately…!


(I’m sorry if this post looks a bit weird, trying to figure out how to make it look even better!)

Sehr Berlin

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In about two hours, my bus leaves to take me to the airport. I’m going to Berlin for a few days with a friend. I’m excited, I’ve never really been to Berlin before (only switched trains there once, and we only had about 3 hours there).

Of what I’ve read and heard, Berlin is supposed to be a vegan’s dream. And since I also like vintage second hand shopping, hipster-y neighbourhoods and cool street art, I feel like this European capital will suit me perfectly. At least, this is what I imagine Berlin being like.

My bags are (almost) 100% packed, but I feel like I’ve forgotten everything. I don’t really like leaving in the afternoon, but what can you do?

I hope me being me won’t ruin this trip, meaning my hangry-ness won’t be too bad and I won’t be tired and annoyed all the time. It’s sad but I get those moments (or days… or even longer) when I can tell I’m the worst, I’m so boring, so annoyed and annoying and just… the worst traveling companion, but I can’t do anything about it. This trip however, I’ve decided to do my absolute best to be my true happy, travel crazy, adventurous (more or less), fun self. I’m gonna get a few snacks and protein bars as soon as possible and keep as my emergency snack stack (after all, the way to my happiness is through my stomach, and I am a legit snack-provider while traveling).

I should probably finish up my packing and then eat some lunch. Anything to prevent being HANGRY already the first few hours of the trip.

My plan is to make a post about Berlin when I get back home. We’ll see about that, but hopefully I will tell you all about the great vegan food and other fun stuff.

Don’t miss me too much (heavy sarcasm, it’s only a few days…)!


and pictures are proof


I think I’ve mentioned it here before, but if I haven’t: photos and videos are very important to me, especially when I’m traveling. I get the whole “wanting to experience the moment first-handed, not through looking at a screen to get the perfect shot”, but at the same time, if there’s a way for me to remember and cherish how incredible a moment is – why not? And as long as you don’t let your inner travel photographer take over your trip completely, I don’t really see a problem with it. (I apply this to concerts and shows as well, fun to have some parts on film to remember, but not fun to just look through my phone and not seize the moment to actually experience it! There’s a fine line…)

Anyway, how I come to think of this was… I was actually trying to figure out what to blog about, probably trying too hard to find an interesting topic, when I realized that I have so many photos from our trip to Britain last summer! And not only photos, but videos especially! I might have lost my memory card with everything from China and other places (for now at least) but I still have everything that’s on my phone. My goal was to put everything I filmed together into a proper video, but even though I actually made YouTube videos before (or tried… multiple times) I’m not very good at getting those kinds of things done. I just looked through the footage and.. wow. It’s so unreal, we’re actually moving there this autumn? Really? Wow! I want to go now. Sometimes I forget how much I loved it there, how much it felt like home. That’s when I get the most scared and unsure about our decision to move there. Is it the right choice to leave everything I know as my reality now, to get to this new uncertain place with no place to live or work, without friends or family close (except for my favourite friends M and K of course, and they do a really good job of replacing both other friends and family)?

Next time I get this scared for the future, I’ll only have to look through the footage again and I’ll be certain. This is the right choice. I might be giving up everything I know for a while, but it’s for the best reasons – to find my place, give my wander heart what it wants and most importantly… to be happy.

(And who knows? Maybe there’ll be a video with everything I filmed in London/Brighton last year, very soon? We’ll see what I can do… Until then – here are some photos!)


Two nights together

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This last weekend, we jumped on a train to leave our small, boring and every-day-ish city for the bigger, more exciting and inspiring capital. We talked about it for a while, and then we decided to just do it, just leave. Some friends of my family owns a tiny apartment in the capital and when I asked they said that we could borrow it for two nights! Yay!

I have to admit I was kind of scared… And there are a few reasons for this. What if we started hating each other? We often stay at each other’s place, but that’s only one night and most of the times we split up after spending a day or two. And now we were suppose to live together for two nights and almost two entire days. It really isn’t that much, but the flat is really tiny so we’re living so close, so tightly. I mean, M and I traveled to another country together this summer for a week and that worked out great, so I really didn’t have to be scared and I knew that, but now we were four people and that’s kind of different… And we’re all kind of introverted.

But what made me even more scared was… What if we didn’t start hating each other? What if it was so much fun and so different from my normal life that I afterwards wanted to live with them for real? After M and I traveled together I immediately knew that I wanted to do that again, and again and again… And we are going to, I’m sure (with K as well, of course!). It made me realise traveling with friends is amazing. What if this weekend getaway made me realise I want to live with friends as well? And how will that work out in our uncertain future?

So; how did it go, then? Did we kill each other or did I start looking for an apartment for all of us?

Neither. It was amazing. The best thing, kinda. And I really think we could live together in the future, absolutely. But the fact that none of us know anything about what we’ll be doing this fall, I realise living together might not be happening yet, at least not a “full time”-living-together. I think we all figured out how it would be to live with other people (that’s not your family), both the positives and the negatives. And I’ve always been kinda certain about wanting to live completely on my own first, and I guess that made me even more scared, scared that the only thing I knew I wanted in the future was going to change…

But I also found out that I can handle the future. Whatever happens, I’m now sure I’ll be fine. Even if I’m living in the “hipster-part” of the capital, even if I live with my friends, and even if I don’t live anywhere (will probably write a post about this later – so keep your eyes peeled for that!). I can handle it, even if I’m super scared for the future and kind of hate time passing. I think my introvertness will handle living with other introverts in the future, and that feels great. I’m not as scared anymore.

~ J

Gateway to Happiness


M presenting a gateway to happiness.

  1. Buy food for barbecuing. Preferably (vegan) hot dogs with mustard and ketchup. You also need fruit, chocolate and aluminium foil.
  2. Drive to the gathering of trees often called the forest. Bring friends!
  3. Start a fire. Whilst waiting make your way to a lake nearby. Take random detours on the way. (Make sure someone is watching the fire! You don’t want the forest to burn down.)
  4. When you have arrived at the lake; take photos of your friends while they walk on the unstable ice. Walk the same way back. Don’t forget to throw some pinecones at each other!
  5. Now it’s time for the food! Start with the main course: HOT DOGS! Finish the meal with some fruit and chocolate in aluminium foil which you have put on the fire. Delicious ❣
  6. This step is very important! DO NOT FORGET TO SHARE THE FOOD WITH EVERYONE!
  7. The fire is starting to extinguish and the wind is blowing stronger. Your starting to feel cold and the only solution is to run! Run through the forest like your five years old again! (Side note: If one of your friends happen to fall be sure to take a photo before helping them get up.)
  8. Swing, swing on the makeshift swings. Two or one at a time doesn’t matter as long as you make sure to swing as high as the sky.
  9. Later when the fire is completely extinguished pack your bags. Get into the car.
  10. All that is left now is to go home and enjoy the smell of fire reeking from you and your clothes.

➢ M



I like traveling. No, I don’t like traveling, I adore it, love it. It’s my favourite. And it’s basically the only thing I think and dream about at the moment. About just going, leaving my safe home and just explore. Every week, day and maybe even hour I have somewhere new I want to go. And with both family and friends with the love for traveling, too… Well, let’s just say it doesn’t really help my travel-obsessed mind.

I love exploring new places, discovering just how they function. Also the people, hearing their stories and observing their every-day-life. Even though it’s rare that I chat with the locals, I wish I did, and just watching is good enough (I might sound a little creepy, but you know what I mean… I hope.). It’s something special about just going in to a supermarket, shopping for food in a foreign location. And finding your own favourite spots to stop and observe. Or discovering that perfect place to grab some food or a cute shop to get a hot chocolate.

This could be why I also love maps. It gives me an overview of what I have to work with, all the places I could possibly go (at least since space isn’t really an option for me… yet). There’s just a kind of universal beauty about all the colours, lines and dots, lining up and creating our planet.

There’s so much about traveling that I like, that I’m starting to think it’s what I want to do for the rest of my life… Does one really need somewhere to really call home? Can’t I just live out of a suitcase and make my home address “Anywhere On The Blue Marble, Planet Earth, Milkyway Galaxy, The Universe”? I think I would love that.

And maybe it’s not about wanting to escape reality, but to find reality. A reality that is more of my kind of reality. And finding my kind of home.


~ J