Strawberry seeds – memory

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Right from the first step outside the grey buildings, when our worn down sneakers landed on the uneven stone stairs, we knew this day called for an adventure. Even if that just meant bikes, strawberries and the blue lake.

The two bikes were parked behind one of the school buildings, and the other two of us climb up on the back. The wind in our hair and the rush from going too fast, makes us laugh and smile freely.

We sit down on the grass, by the sparkling blue, but cold, lake. While throwing the little green tips from the strawberries at each other and in to the water, our smiles grew even brighter.

It was only recently that the sun had started to warm up the ground, and the summer is short, but we all know we will remember this day way after the sun stops shining.

~ J


The Massive Blogmas Fail

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So what happened to Blogmas M? Work? Yes I have to admit that it was a big part of me not writing a new blogpost every third day… I’m still trying to get used to the fact that I’m working full time in a relatively new city. It’s hard balancing that and a creative life, at least for now.

And there has also been the fact that I don’t really know what to write…

Last year my bedroom was all Christmassy and I felt inspired just lying in my bed. This year we live somewhere else. A new place where I have never celebrated Christmas before and as Christmas is a season of tradition (at least in some sense), you always eat the same food, decorate the tree with the same decorations, everything is predictable and safe. But this year is different… Our room is beginning to get Christmassy with our crooked but perfect Christmas tree Newt, and when we have days of J and I are always listening to Christmas music whilst eating either mince pies (waitrose essential are vegan) or ginger bread. 

I guess when it comes down to it I have just had some trouble visualising Christmas this year, but fourtunately I’m getting there!

➢ M

Vegan Guide to Christmas At Starbucks 

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As I recently started working at Starbucks I have become a bit familiar with the drinks (or at least the ones we have in/at my Starbucks). Therefore I thought that I would make it easy for all vegan Christmas/ Starbucks lovers. 

So what are the Christmas drinks and how do you make them vegan? 

Lets start with the basics like gingerbread latte, toffee nut latte and Christmas blend latte. All you have to do to make them vegan is to choose either soy or coconut milk instead of the regular semi-skimmed milk.

Unfortunately for all you eggnog lovers the eggnog latte is made with actual eggnog milk, not just a syrup, so you can’t make a vegan version of it. The same goes for the new White Christmas Hot Chocolate as the white chocolate mix contains milk. But if you want to try the Christmas cake syrup you can always add that one to any other drink!

Another Christmas drink is Fudge Hot Chocolate (FHC), it is usually made with a pre made chocolate mix that contains milk, but if you still want a similar experience you can ask for a classic hot chocolate with coconut/soy milk, fudge syrup and no cream. Personally I like it!

Besides the promotional festive drinks you can always choose to add some syrups to your regular drink and still get into the Christmas spirit. One of my favourites is classic hot chocolate with coconut milk and peppermint syrup (no cream). There is also cinnamon syrup which I have yet to try but I imagine it might give you some warm festive feelings.

For the ones who prefer cold drinks you can always ask for any of these drinks iced and most of them can be made into a frappuccino.

So which vegan Christmas drink is my favourite? I think I would have to say either a gingerbread latte with coconut milk, no cream or as I mentioned before a classic hot chocolate with coconut milk and peppermint syrup (and for the last time) no cream!

I hope you fellow vegan coffe/Starbucks/ Christmas lovers enjoyed this and found it helpful.

➢ M

Another Year, Another Blogmas


Last year’s Christmas Day turns into the day after Christmas, and days turn into months that turn into a new year, until suddenly it’s December once again. Today is the start of the Christmas month, and we are very excited! Last year, we did Blogmas and it turned out very successful. Sure, maybe we missed a few posts or filled some in afterward, but nonetheless we posted lots of festive and non-festive posts throughout December, up until the 24th. And sure, it might have been stressful at times but that is what preparing for Christmas is suppose to be like, right? Kidding, of course. But Blogmas truly was so much fun, very inspiring and full of Christmas joy! So, why not make it a tradition on this blog? For something to be a tradition it needs to be done at least twice… That means, we’re attempting Blogmas again this year! One new blogpost every day up until Christmas, weather they are festive or not. And of course, just as last year, Blogmas is about pushing ourselves and trying our best, so yeah… Trying is still the keyword!
We really hope you’re as excited as we are. Happy December 1st, and we will see you with a new post tomorrow! 

/J,K and M

Three Girls, One blog, 366 Days

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This time last year J, K and I were sitting in our favourite cafe and planning exactly what this blog called escapecolumn actually was. After a few hours we had named some categories, figured out what we were going to call ourselves and slowly started writing the about us section. We introduced ourselves as two parts vegan and one part vegetarian, we told you that this was our place to escape and hopefully you would find yourself escaping here too. So what has changed in the last 366 days?

Well the biggest thing must have been us graduating from high school, not only because it’s a big milestone in anyone’s life but also because it lead to J and I being able to move countries and start exploring the exciting London life (of course missing K so much) and K working towards her goals as well. Another exciting change is that we were no longer able to decribe ourselves as only two parts vegan, because shortly after the first blogpost the escape columnists became a 100% vegan group. 

Throughout the year we have posted a lot of different posts. Sometimes there would be a long paus when school and life just became too much and we didn’t have time to escape as much, thankfully J always likes cooking and baking and wanted to share her recipes with you! Over all I do think we have had a good year and I think all of us have discovered that having a blog together may be a struggle sometimes but it is also a lot of fun! 

So too our dear readers, I hope you are as excited as I am for the coming year of blogposts!

➢ M

Back 2 School w/ EC


This year is the first year of my life (since I was like, seven) that I’m not going back to school this Autumn. But that won’t stop me from writing about it! I’m usually a bit sad that summer’s come to an end, but I’m also excited for back to school season. A lot of this has to do with my love for stationary and planning, so going shopping for all things paper, pen, planning and school related made me almost look forward to school.
All of us have now been in school for at least 12 years (depending on if you count kindergarten and stuff), so I would like to think that we know a bit about it. Of course, we’re no experts but I always found it helpful to hear other people’s tips and tricks, or just get inspiration and help so that I start getting excited. I also know some of you might already be back in school, but that’s okay I think! You might be experiencing that sad feeling of wanting to go back to summer vacation mode, so a little bit of back to school inspiration won’t hurt!

Anyhow, I decided I wanted to share some blogposts regarding this, so the upcoming posts are going to be “Back 2 School w/ EC”-themed! (They might apply to high school and earlier, maybe university and some even for work.) Hope you’re having a great day and looking forward to school!


Sehr Berlin

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In about two hours, my bus leaves to take me to the airport. I’m going to Berlin for a few days with a friend. I’m excited, I’ve never really been to Berlin before (only switched trains there once, and we only had about 3 hours there).

Of what I’ve read and heard, Berlin is supposed to be a vegan’s dream. And since I also like vintage second hand shopping, hipster-y neighbourhoods and cool street art, I feel like this European capital will suit me perfectly. At least, this is what I imagine Berlin being like.

My bags are (almost) 100% packed, but I feel like I’ve forgotten everything. I don’t really like leaving in the afternoon, but what can you do?

I hope me being me won’t ruin this trip, meaning my hangry-ness won’t be too bad and I won’t be tired and annoyed all the time. It’s sad but I get those moments (or days… or even longer) when I can tell I’m the worst, I’m so boring, so annoyed and annoying and just… the worst traveling companion, but I can’t do anything about it. This trip however, I’ve decided to do my absolute best to be my true happy, travel crazy, adventurous (more or less), fun self. I’m gonna get a few snacks and protein bars as soon as possible and keep as my emergency snack stack (after all, the way to my happiness is through my stomach, and I am a legit snack-provider while traveling).

I should probably finish up my packing and then eat some lunch. Anything to prevent being HANGRY already the first few hours of the trip.

My plan is to make a post about Berlin when I get back home. We’ll see about that, but hopefully I will tell you all about the great vegan food and other fun stuff.

Don’t miss me too much (heavy sarcasm, it’s only a few days…)!


The vegan’s everyday battle


Okey, I have been wanting to write this post for quite some time now but I must admit I have been too scared to do it. I am always a bit scared when writing about something that I am really passionate about and also a subject (which you have already guessed since it is in the title) which is the cause of a lot of discussions and debates. (Note that this post is not a description of why I decided to be vegan, it deserves its own post in the future).

As you all know, we who make out the escapecolumn are all vegan. I am vegan (I do not like saying that I am a vegan because it sounds like I am a thing and not an actual person). Becoming vegan is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire life (wow I sound really old now). But ever since I started eating a plant-based diet I have become more and more reluctant to talk about it. Of course I do talk about it but not like I used to. When I first became vegan, almost a year ago (actually it is one year on Wednesday!!), I was high on the rush, thinking that everyone could change. If I, a dedicated cheese-lover and milk drinker, could become vegan then anyone could do it. This of course was very naïve of me to think, which I later would be well aware of.

IMG_3653.JPG(Bubbles in London. Maybe the idea of meat as the best diet is just a bubble, ready to burst?)

Today my optimism is more like a faded memory than anything of substantial worth. People are reluctant to change and often, I have found, unwilling to understand. And with people I mean meat eaters. I am constantly questioned for being vegan. People ask me why I don not eat meat, they make fun of me, saying stupid things and so on and so forth. And I am really fed up with all that bullshit. I am tired of being questioned. Because it is not me being vegan that is the problem here, it is the fact that I am challenging the majority’s eating habits. It is the fact that I am questioning the “meat diet” that upsets people. When someone asks me why I am vegan I tell them why but often my whys results in them going into full defence mode saying stuff like: “but cows need to be milked” and “we need to eat meat to survive” and so on. Just uttering the word vegan will cause people to put their gard up. And my intention was purely to tell them why since they asked. I was not attacking them! A vegan lifestyle is not a norm in today’s society, but I think it should be. It would be the best for everyone, for both animals and humans. But to be constantly questioned is so damn tiring. It is incredibly hard to stay somewhat positive.

I find the best way to keeping a positive attitude is really to ignore the people who question your choice. Okey bear with me here, I am not saying you should not inform others of why you have made your choice of becoming vegan (whatever it may be) if they ask, but simply not putting yourself in a situation where you know your choice will be questioned. What I am referring to specifically is the comment section on various platforms. These are the places where everyone has an opinion. I think there is no way vegans can benefit from reading those kind of comments. All that will happen is that you will get upset and angry because of other people’s (meat eaters) stupid arguments. In the end there is nothing you can achieve by reading these kind of comments.

I am NOT saying we should not take the debate and stand up for our beliefs, we definitely should, but why beat ourselves up? Why go through endless comments with crazy statements and uneducated crap? Unfortunately they will always be there, until the whole planet is vegan, so why bother?

In order to be able to survive we need to chose our battles (I cannot believe I’m actually saying this since I always take on EVERY battle). We vegans know we have the better arguments, so let us use them in situations where they matter! The battle of the comment section is neither worth our time nor our effort.