Strawberry seeds – memory

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Right from the first step outside the grey buildings, when our worn down sneakers landed on the uneven stone stairs, we knew this day called for an adventure. Even if that just meant bikes, strawberries and the blue lake.

The two bikes were parked behind one of the school buildings, and the other two of us climb up on the back. The wind in our hair and the rush from going too fast, makes us laugh and smile freely.

We sit down on the grass, by the sparkling blue, but cold, lake. While throwing the little green tips from the strawberries at each other and in to the water, our smiles grew even brighter.

It was only recently that the sun had started to warm up the ground, and the summer is short, but we all know we will remember this day way after the sun stops shining.

~ J


Wanted: Christmas spirit


It’s December third, which means I have 21 days to find my Christmas spirit.

If you were around for last Blogmas you know what I am talking about. For all of you who weren’t I’ll say this; I am not a Christmasy-person. I don’t like Christmas music (the exception being Enyas And Winter Came), I’m far than fond of Christmas-shopping and I absolutely hate the “Christmas rush”. For heavens sake; chill!

As a child I had an abundance of Christmas spirit. I could long for Christmas so much that I would start the countdown for next Christmas at December 25th. But the more I think about the Christmas spirit of nine year old K I imagine it was just really about the gifts. I was a pretty materialistic child (like most children these days). Who wouldn’t want it to be Christmas everyday?

I don’t want to kill other people’s Christmas vibe, but I have to be honest with you; I am not in the slightest feeling Christmasy this year. I guess it’s because this year there is a huge difference; J and M. They are the most Christmasy people I know. Sometimes it’s almost like they’re living for that Christmas-glow. For the last two years their Christmas spirit has rubbed of on me. Not an earth shattering amount but enough to get me a little excited. The lack of them in my everyday life is making me less cheery.

But as they say; there is a light in the end of the tunnel (and no it’s not the afterlife). In 27 days we will be reunited. The three of us, together for the fist time since September. There aren’t enough words to describe my feelings towards this. Maybe this will be my Christmas spirit? The spirit of reunited escapers.


Another Year, Another Blogmas


Last year’s Christmas Day turns into the day after Christmas, and days turn into months that turn into a new year, until suddenly it’s December once again. Today is the start of the Christmas month, and we are very excited! Last year, we did Blogmas and it turned out very successful. Sure, maybe we missed a few posts or filled some in afterward, but nonetheless we posted lots of festive and non-festive posts throughout December, up until the 24th. And sure, it might have been stressful at times but that is what preparing for Christmas is suppose to be like, right? Kidding, of course. But Blogmas truly was so much fun, very inspiring and full of Christmas joy! So, why not make it a tradition on this blog? For something to be a tradition it needs to be done at least twice… That means, we’re attempting Blogmas again this year! One new blogpost every day up until Christmas, weather they are festive or not. And of course, just as last year, Blogmas is about pushing ourselves and trying our best, so yeah… Trying is still the keyword!
We really hope you’re as excited as we are. Happy December 1st, and we will see you with a new post tomorrow! 

/J,K and M

and pictures are proof


I think I’ve mentioned it here before, but if I haven’t: photos and videos are very important to me, especially when I’m traveling. I get the whole “wanting to experience the moment first-handed, not through looking at a screen to get the perfect shot”, but at the same time, if there’s a way for me to remember and cherish how incredible a moment is – why not? And as long as you don’t let your inner travel photographer take over your trip completely, I don’t really see a problem with it. (I apply this to concerts and shows as well, fun to have some parts on film to remember, but not fun to just look through my phone and not seize the moment to actually experience it! There’s a fine line…)

Anyway, how I come to think of this was… I was actually trying to figure out what to blog about, probably trying too hard to find an interesting topic, when I realized that I have so many photos from our trip to Britain last summer! And not only photos, but videos especially! I might have lost my memory card with everything from China and other places (for now at least) but I still have everything that’s on my phone. My goal was to put everything I filmed together into a proper video, but even though I actually made YouTube videos before (or tried… multiple times) I’m not very good at getting those kinds of things done. I just looked through the footage and.. wow. It’s so unreal, we’re actually moving there this autumn? Really? Wow! I want to go now. Sometimes I forget how much I loved it there, how much it felt like home. That’s when I get the most scared and unsure about our decision to move there. Is it the right choice to leave everything I know as my reality now, to get to this new uncertain place with no place to live or work, without friends or family close (except for my favourite friends M and K of course, and they do a really good job of replacing both other friends and family)?

Next time I get this scared for the future, I’ll only have to look through the footage again and I’ll be certain. This is the right choice. I might be giving up everything I know for a while, but it’s for the best reasons – to find my place, give my wander heart what it wants and most importantly… to be happy.

(And who knows? Maybe there’ll be a video with everything I filmed in London/Brighton last year, very soon? We’ll see what I can do… Until then – here are some photos!)


Blogger’s Block


There are so many blog posts I want to write and post right now, but I feel like I just can’t. I actually don’t know why but I just can’t seem to get the words on paper… or on the screen I should say. It seems impossible to get my fingers to push the right keys and find the right words, to make up the right sentences and eventually the right post.

And sometimes, the words don’t even need to be right, and the blog post doesn’t need to be perfect. That’s okay. I feel like I put so much pressure on myself sometimes with these blog posts… I want them to be packed full with descriptive words, captivating pictures and carefully picked wording. That’s probably why the other thirds of this blog pointed out that my posts always are soooo long and with soooo many pictures (could also have something to do with me always writing too much and my love for photography/aesthetics but I’m not sure). But this is only sometimes. Other times I don’t, and literally write and post what I want and only what I want without a care in the world. Or I mean… I always post whatever I want and I always care, of course, but sometimes I put a little more effort in it and then I want every post to be that big and colourful. And that’s kinda impossible, since my (/our) lives are kinda crazy, and kinda super stressed right now… kinda. (kiiinda hate that word but I’m gonna use it anyway!)

So yeah. This is one of those posts I won’t overload with fancy words and pictures. I don’t really know why I wrote this instead of all the other posts I have planned in my head, but I guess this is what I felt like writing.

On another note, it was my birthday yesterday and I just decided I’m gonna have a Big Birthday Brunch this sunday and I’m quite excited about this. So you can expect a few posts about this from me, both the preparation, mid-brunch pictures and the aftermath! (but I probably won’t post about the brunch until after it actually happened, since K and M are both coming and I want to keep at least some of the element of surprise!)

Hey, look, I actually made myself type this out! And maybe these weren’t the right words, and maybe this wasn’t the right post, but that doesn’t matter. It was the right post for right now, and that’s okay.