Liquid spirit 

Stuff, Words

Unwind me // Wind me up

Shut me off // Tighten my spring

Put me back into a box // Break my walls

Cut my vocal cords // Tie marionette string to my tongue 

Knit my lashes together // Paint my eyeballs pink

Fold my ears inside out // Make the mice roar

Suffocate the light // Set fire to the world

➢ M


art portfolio

Art, Words

We write our stories on crinkled coffee shop napkins, with cheap jet black eyeliner. Rough at the edges, smudged lines; fairytales but with tragic endings and without sparkling bliss.

Rays of sun through glass windows compete with our clouded minds and rainy eyes. Sorrows braided into galaxies, puddles made into swimming pools.

We are just spilled paint in an art portfolio, the shards in a broken mirror.
~ J