art portfolio

Art, Words

We write our stories on crinkled coffee shop napkins, with cheap jet black eyeliner. Rough at the edges, smudged lines; fairytales but with tragic endings and without sparkling bliss.

Rays of sun through glass windows compete with our clouded minds and rainy eyes. Sorrows braided into galaxies, puddles made into swimming pools.

We are just spilled paint in an art portfolio, the shards in a broken mirror.
~ J

My love – A (Christmas) poem

Art, Words

My love has two left feet

She waddles about and I cannot help

laughing when she dances around the Christmas tree


My love has one lazy eye

Sometimes I occasionally hide

from her in plain sight when she wants me to help make pie


My love is the one

I forever shall deeply and truly love

even if a bit whimsy she still holds this love of mine