Like crazy


I miss you a lot, like crazy

I want to ask you, stay

Show you my scars 

The hole in my heart 

But I cannot (ask)

You’re a riddle, still

Figuring out yourself 

I’m just a plain page, unworthy of your time 

I need you, but 


You’re not mine anymore 

Belonging to other streetlights, on the river 

Under dazzling eyes, red in the night 

Across an open sea, far (away) 




art portfolio

Art, Words

We write our stories on crinkled coffee shop napkins, with cheap jet black eyeliner. Rough at the edges, smudged lines; fairytales but with tragic endings and without sparkling bliss.

Rays of sun through glass windows compete with our clouded minds and rainy eyes. Sorrows braided into galaxies, puddles made into swimming pools.

We are just spilled paint in an art portfolio, the shards in a broken mirror.
~ J

a little poem 


Take me
where seasick birds
sail over seas without an end
and sun tickles my curiosity
Vibrating Hearts

Take me
where even rattling pebbles
dare to dream
about a boundless horizon
Paralyzing Hunger

Adventure whisper
in my ear,
tells me
this is my

Take me

 (it’s not like me at all to write and post poems, i know, but i’m currently writing poems in a writing class so i thought i could post it here, like, why not?)