Strawberry seeds – memory

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Right from the first step outside the grey buildings, when our worn down sneakers landed on the uneven stone stairs, we knew this day called for an adventure. Even if that just meant bikes, strawberries and the blue lake.

The two bikes were parked behind one of the school buildings, and the other two of us climb up on the back. The wind in our hair and the rush from going too fast, makes us laugh and smile freely.

We sit down on the grass, by the sparkling blue, but cold, lake. While throwing the little green tips from the strawberries at each other and in to the water, our smiles grew even brighter.

It was only recently that the sun had started to warm up the ground, and the summer is short, but we all know we will remember this day way after the sun stops shining.

~ J


Summer + friends


My summers generally consists of a loooot of fun stuff, good vibes and great times. I love summer. There’s more time for everything; adventure, travel, picknicks, workouts, food, baking, and…  -friends-! (Insert emphasis here.) My summers when I was younger was mostly spent trying to juggle traveling with my family, being introverted in my room and doing fun stuff with my friends. I wasn’t the one to always contact my pals to hang out, but I think I mostly enjoyed it (although I remember sometimes after a few hectic days of socializing I always dreamt about being alone in my room again). This is actually quite accurate to my summers nowadays, I guess…

I don’t know if I’m good at making friends. When my sister and I were on vacation with my family, in a small coast town in Spain, I was never the one to make new friends on the beach or talk to the girl of the same age by the pool. My sister was always almost searching for a way to meet new people to play with when we were away. I was never like that. I was content with just a book or my music in a beach chair,  her as my only friend on the trip when we did other things.

BUT. This summer has been very different to those kinds of summer. I have actually made some new friends! And I didn’t hate it, I actually enjoyed it thoroughly. I was kind of forced (that sounds wayyyy to harsh, it was just that her family is friends with my aunt and her family, so they all came and visited us) to become friends with a girl in my age from the US. She was really nice, we are so similar and became good friends in the short time we had, I think.

Another time this summer, I kind of actually had to make an even bigger effort to meet them. It was in Berlin, while visiting with my friend. We went to this small “bar” type of thing and we sat upstairs in an old converted red double decker bus with only a few other people. When we went down to grab another cider, I actually talked to them! And that was the start to a long night with them (all boys, maybe seven in total, two of them from Britain and those were the two I actually became friends with, and later we also met three really nice swedish girls). I was so proud of myself, as I said, I’m usually not like that, really.

I’ve also gotten to know some of my friends better, and became a lot closer to them. For example when traveling to Barcelona with a few of my old classmates. It was great! I also spent a lot of time with another old friend and we’ve always been close but I guess I don’t really spend a lot of time with her.

Unfortunately, not all of my friendships have flourished this summer. I’m – as mentioned – not the best at keeping in contact and suggest to hang out. That has resulted in me losing a few friends, especially one. That’s always sad, and I wish it would’ve worked out better. But this might actually be for the best, and sometimes it is. And otherwise, we will realize and get in touch again… But I feel like that won’t happen, especially when they tell you to “have a good life” and that you “should not be friends for a year”.

Anyways. This is what my summer’s been all about. Figuring how to make friends again, and also figuring out a balance of losing and keeping friends. And now, with our move getting closer, new challenges regarding friendships are approaching, I feel like this was a great summer, a great learning experience.

~ J